Mapping competencies

My current assignment involves outlining a career development program.  I have my target group and am working on the unit outline and weekly lesson plan overview.  This mostly involves including all the relevant competencies from a larger list and then working out what to add to make it different and relevant for the target group.

Working on the weekly lesson plan overview is most interesting.  It involves a lot of searching for short videos and perhaps podcasts or iPad apps.  I like to learn from videos.  They are often full of tips and strategies.  They also inspire me to make some of my own to upload.

The competencies come from the National curriculum, so they are required.  My aim is to have a double-sided sheet of A4 paper that a teacher can use for assessment purposes to cover the whole unit.  These can be recorded electronically and printed out for students.

Now that I have experience as a student in other courses, I am able to learn as much from the way assessments are structured as from the content.  Anyway, that’s enough for now.  It’s Sunday and I am officially resting today…


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