Sunbowl day

Today we have the Colts Sunbowl, Ladies Summerbowl and Senior Sunbowl.  It is raining and temperate.  There is a chance of thunder, but no word of lightening yet, which is when we stop the game.

The games are being televised for Fox TV in 8:30pm Friday 12th December with highlights.  There is also a live webcast which can be accessed here:  http://gridironqld.asn.au/live

I’m slightly stunned today after my week of minor triumphs.  Despite having to boot up my iron, Vitamin D and calcium levels from dangerously low, things went well with my studies.  The results from my Graduate Certificate in Education came through and my GPA is fine for continuing to the Masters Semester next year!  It’s hard to believe how patient and professional the lecturers have been in the Education Faculty.  I am feeling good about my studies and happy to continue to my goal.

The same can be said for the Fitness staff at the TAFE College. Even though it was tough to keep going, somehow it all worked out.  My Diploma arrived in the mail this week with a transcript of competencies achieved.  In addition, the business cards and postcards from VistaPrint also came in a small brown box with appointment cards on the back of some.

My first client is due to start early in December for four weeks, so I have a great incentive to have some business processes in place.  It’s like a dream come true to have the potential for paid professional work becoming closer to a reality.

Sunbowl or Rainbowl, today is a great day and we are going to rock the field in our own unique ways!!!!




Fish and chips at Sutton’s Beach

Last night was the final of three lectures on the Gospel of Matthew with Dr Ian Elmer from the Australian Catholic University.  Once again there were 60-70 people in attendance, about a third of whom appeared to be ongoing attendees.

There was a mention in there about Fish and Chips at the Sea of Galilee, as well as the local beach, Sutton’s Beach.  We had a Lectionis Divina experience related to Jesus calling Peter, Andrew, James and John.  Dr Elmer guided us through the reading and we projected our minds to the actual event by linking our thoughts and senses to the narrative.  It was quite special.

It was on Sunday that I drove past Sutton’s Beach and noticed a car with MIT05 number plates, or something similar.  There was a young man jogging meaningfully along the footpath that fronts the beach.  He was wearing black shorts and was shirtless.  Perhaps he is the MIT chappy?  At the time, I thought that it would be good to walk on the actual sand and get my feet wet, even wear swimming togs and take a dip in the water.  I know there is a group from Bally Cara who go down there to sweep away the cobwebs in their retired brains on a regular basis.

Anyway, there was I learning about the Gospel of Matthew with many interested persons.  Chris, the lady next to me was surprised to find that I, too, live at Scarborough and am a parishioner at Holy Cross, rather than St Benedict’s the new parochial church.  She seemed surprised that I was a relative stranger to her.  I can see a push for Bible study coming from this group.  There is something that builds community in the act of learning and immersing oneself in the future-looking aspects of the New Testament, not the teleological stuff.

I remembered also that I was training a Muslim lad for my Strength and Conditioning Coaching Level 2 course.  We did have fish and chips at Sutton’s Beach, if I remember correctly.  His dad was a builder and the lad is probably very wealthy by now.  Sometimes, if I rode my bike to the beach at the time, the wind was so strong, I had to wait for a while before continuing.  I was blown off my bike at least once.

It must be time for me to plan my Level 2/3 course through the ASCA.  I am planning for 2014, so that might be something to arrange when I have edited my thesis, hopefully by the end of this week.


RCIA party

Fiona normally conducts our choir on Sundays, but this time Sean was graduating from the initiation program in our parish at the 9am Mass.  So Alex conducted the choir and played clarinet.  Lydia was at the organ with her grandson providing support. 

It all went very well with the change over to Alex, as Fi has been training him to be next in line for many months.  Sean seemed somewhat overwhelmed by the whole confirmation and initiation ritual.  Marty, who is now Deacon Marty, was beaming as he joined in for the laying on of hands ceremony.  There were eight candidates of all ages in the group and it all went well, including the Baptism part for some of them.

We were wearing colour-block clothing.  I had a pink dress.  There were two salmon-coloured dresses, one brown, one mid-blue, one light-blue, a red and some others in the mix.  That part went well, although I went home to change and find a card for Sean before heading to the after-party.

The water melons at Woolworths seemed like a good contribution to bring, but I settled on Maltesers instead.  There was a card for confirmations, much to my surprise, so I bought that as well.  That made for a leisurely Sunday drive to Woody Point, where Fiona lives. 

Most people were already there and it was about time for the bar-b-que.  Sister Janette and Audrey Enright were there, as well as a few general VIPs in the parish.  Fiona had personally invited the choir members, so most of the people there were from the Music Ministry. 

Alex and Alannah, Frankie’s children and Mark and Kerry’s daughter mostly stayed indoors near the food table where it was cooler.  There were some very nice salads, a huge “Welcome to the Community” type of cake and some other deserts. 

The whole afternoon was very relaxing and filled with conversation and caring.  So now I know what happens at an RCIA party.


The mystery of the disappearing bath cubes

I have looked high and low for dissolving, fragrant, bath cubes of the sort used by my Father in his baths since he was a boy.  For some reason, they do not seem to exist in Australia any more.  There are bath bombs in all shapes and sizes, but nothing resembling the little cubes that fizz into the bath and crumble into very fine bath powder as they are broken up into the running bath water.

Online web sites have occasional bath cubes in gold foil paper, but they are often listed as being out of stock, in short supply or only available for a shipping cost three times the price of a set of four bath cubes.  I can’t imagine why my Father keeps asking for the bath salts in his favourite form and why there appears to be a long-standing and drastic shortage of them.

We have bubble bath, although most bubble bath is marketed for children nowadays.  Does no one take a bath anymore?  Are we too sophisticated for ordinary bath salts?  Is it either Epsom salts or organic, shea butter luxury giant-sized bath bombs with nothing in between?

It seems there is a market here, ready to be filled, even if it is only for one customer in far-distant Australia.  Surely if one person is so keen on them, there must be others?



Teaching today

Today I was called in to one of my favourite schools for the day.  Fortunately, my assignment was completed and safely delivered yesterday to the library at the university, so I was free to go.

It’s been a great week for sorting out my work and I was really happy to have a change of pace before I tackle the next couple of writing projects that are keeping me busy.  I love to be busy and be away from my desk for a while, especially as it is a bye week in football this weekend and I have to invent my own ways of running around in the fresh air and sunshine.

The teachers and students were lovely and we watched some of the younger classes prepare their Christmas plays for next week.  What a treat that was!  They all put a lot of time and effort into their work and the dress rehearsals were just amazing.

I was actually called in to another school this morning as well, but had already made my booking for the day.  It’s lovely to be popular, especially when I least expect it.

As another work week draws to a close, I am ready for the next phase of career development, which I have been studying so intently of late.  Who knows what surprises the future will hold, may be even a regular teaching appointment?  That would be nice.


Last one

The plan was to complete my last counselling assignment yesterday and post it in the afternoon.

However, I was called in for supply teaching at a lovely school and soon changed my schedule.

Today I am finalising the assignment.  I did need a break after the other one, which was quite involved.  Also, today is the last day of my medical certificate for improving my blood profile, so I should be in the clear any minute now!

I am still taking Vitamin D, sunshine, Iron tablets, yoghurt and a fizzy tablet from Aldi’s.  They seem to have worked, as I feel brighter, can concentrate while sitting at my desk and am able to move through my written work at a much better pace.

For three Monday nights, I have a lecture series on the Gospel of Matthew in our local Parish, which finishes next week.  On Tuesdays it’s choir practice.  Next Saturday is the gridiron Sunbowl, streamed live on local television.  So I am able to leave my writing desk and head out into the world again, which I haven’t done for ages due to completing my thesis.

Oh yes, the thesis is almost there.  I just have to tidy it up after today’s last counselling assignment is personally delivered to the University library.  On the way back I will drop in for a quote to fix the hail damage that my car sustained at the gridiron semi-finals.

Little did I know how helpful it would be to learn persistence with my writing when I first started work on my thesis.


Two more to go

On Sunday, a friend visited out place to help out with my video for career development.  He said he would be there by 10am, but did not arrive until 5pm.  After all that, he had a speeding find for a 50 km/hour zone at the seafront leading to our street.

While I was waiting and texting to find out what was going on, I managed to work through most of another assignment, leaving only two to go.  What a relief to have it sorted.

On Sunday night I used the Express Post envelope and Yellow Post box to send one assignment in, but did not receive an e-mail from the university to say it had been received on Monday.  It might have been worth it just sending it ordinary mail in a slightly larger envelope. 

Today, I hope to send the second-last assignment and then write up the Video Interview for the next day.  Then I will have met the deadline for 21st November. 

Next in line is my thesis finalisation.  Being so isolated while I am writing it is a bit odd, as I had expected a collegiate environment instead of a guiding and adversarial one.  However, it helps for me to work from home and just go in for the occasional meeting every 3-6 months.  I am amazed that there is a sense of making progress and heading in the right direction, even though my work feels like it is independent on my part.

It is very exciting to be able to make sense of my studies, partly due to improving my diet and taking Vitamin D and iron tablets, I expect.  Somehow I get the feeling that this is just the tip of the iceberg and I have a very interesting and fun year ahead in 2014.  I can just see myself running quite often, washing Max a bit more frequently to his is a nice-smelling companion who rolls in dead crows at every opportunity, and working as a personal trainer by appointment only.

It has been a crazy year in 2013, that’s for sure!