Feeling connected

Writing my thesis and assignments is a slow process.  Every now and then I start to feel connected to the topic and things go the same as usual, slowly, but I fell good about it. 

In the last couple of days it has been a bit like that.  My thesis seems to be shaping up and for the first time I felt as though it was getting close to being something I could relate to.  The same thing happened with my counselling course about six weeks ago.  The thesis has been going for a lot longer than that, though.

It might be something else, like the cooler weather or having oats for breakfast.  I don’t know.  Whatever it is, I do like to have the “gut feeling” that comes after lots of hours of writing and rewriting.  It may not be earth-shattering, but at least there is a sense of connection in the world of words and ideas.  I’m glad about that.

So, I started the online courses from Groupon yesterday, to see if the change of pace would help me to keep interested in my studies.  It worked.  I now have Cisco networking and Agile Project Management as distractions from the thesis. 

This morning I saw a 46 minute personal branding video about how to link in for the job that you want for yourself.  It was very powerful.  The tips were pretty useful.  They fit in with the website that I’m trying to sort out because I want to use Drupal for multiple projects with it.

It is so impressive to learn this kind of thing from an online video that isn’t youtube.  I really admire the lady who put it all together, as she is a great role model for getting your message out there and helping people as well.   

The message that comes across with a lot of this is to avoid over-thinking and just start doing stuff.  Mind you, I have to keep a record of passwords, course codes, URLs and various other things, but it all just happens.

It’s all so cool. The temperate weather must be agreeing with me.  Daffodils are out, also Cyclamen. 


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