Wednesday Midweek

This week is a five day work week and Wednesday is right in the middle. It is also the twelfth week in my job when I expect to understand better what is going on and I also expect to have optimised my daily routine. It does seem that I have worked things out well.

Mum and Dad see something of me in the mornings, as I prepare my lunch and eat my morning cereal. We enjoy dinner time together most nights at around 6pm when I arrive home. Then we catch up on the family new while Dad watches the news on the television. There isn’t much to tell about work, as my days are fairly quiet and our focus at work is on the students most of the time.

We are raising money for Cancer research and there is even a raffle for two Keith Urban concert tickets. Lynda, my sister-in-law might like that kind of thing, so I think I might buy a ticket in that one. I already have a ticket in one of the other raffles. Perhaps it’s time we invited the students, as the Big Morning Tea will be held on 15th May at work.

Over the next two weekends we have National League games for gridiron. The Women’s match is this Saturday and the Men’s is the following Saturday on the Gold Coast. I have been volunteered to be helping out on the sideline, so I hope I don’t fall asleep like I usually do when I am watching instead of participating in the officiating.


Monday and a Five Day Week

This week we do not have Easter holidays nor ANZAC day. We have to work for five days straight. Mmmm….. I am trying not to work extra hard as there are fully five days to do everything.

It is also Dad’s birthday today. Uncle Eric, his oldest brother, sent a card which arrived today. Aunty Evelyn telephoned. Mum and I had our cards and presents ready this morning, so we surprised Dad, who insisted that he had forgotten all about today being his birthday. Mum scoffed and did not believe any of his protests!

When I left for work this morning Dad was sitting in the living room wearing his jacket, as he was waiting for the rain to ease off enough to take Max for his morning walk. Max is quite spoiled, and we are sure that he knows it as he lies on his back waiting for someone to scratch his chest and neck!!!!!

There was some kind of chocolate lamington cake for Dad today. It was covered in desiccated coconut and tasted fairly light and quite nice really. At work, Lena also had her birthday, so that was kind of special as well. Bruce brought Ferrero Rocher chocolates for her. I think he knows her from working in the Brisbane office, so he remembered the day.


Sunday Seems Like Saturday

Having worked a half day yesterday, today seems like a Saturday without work. Fortunately, I remembered to be up at 4 am to have coffee and some cereal before dressing for Mass at 9 am. I try to arrive at least half an hour early and today I managed to forget my water bottle. Without water breaks I croak, so I brought a cup of water in from the kitchenette in the Narthex. It wasn’t all that helpful, as there are not many places to leave an open cup of water, but it was better than no water at all.

Joe and Marietta were there, with Len, Mark and Olivia and Theresa was playing the Church organ. Louis also arrived with his parallel English and Latin Missal. I will have to ask him where he got it, as mine is from St Paul’s Bookshop and only has English text. Bernice has broken her arm, so the Filipino Group does not have a musician at present. I’m not sure whether I could step in on occasions like those, as I don’t practice keyboard very often and would need at least two hours a week to get up to speed with the Music Ministry repertoire.

In the afternoon, I covered some more of my Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy subject. Mum and I went shopping for a birthday present for Dad as it is his birthday tomorrow. It’s socks and jocks for him, as he needs new supplies. Easy….


Saturday Morning at Work

On Saturday I went in to Nundah Village for my half day of work. It was a great opportunity to do some marking and I helped two students with training, one who came in and another who worked with my by telephone.

By the time it was afternoon, I was very hungry and glad to be going home for lunch. There were two pieces of fish in the freezer which I cooked in the microwave. Then Mum and I went grocery shopping. It was very quiet at the shopping centre as we have had an extended summer and lots of people would be out at the beach or finishing off their Easter and School holidays. After a quiet week on the roads into the city last week, everyone is bracing for a big week next week when people return from their visits interstate, to New Zealand and to Asia.

It would be better to go to work without my extra stuff and just put everything on SkyDrive so that I don’t have to carry so much with me. I till experiment on Sunday with packing only a few things and see how I go. That would be ideal, to be able to go to work without carrying all the equipment I need. I guess I think too much like a teacher, having to take everything with me from room to room, provide my own filing systems and equipment for the students.

Issuing students with a laptop seems to be a strategy to provide them with their one-stop-shop for everything they need and make it the students’ responsibility to find all their requirements online. I know I try to find what I need online where ever possible.


Thursday before ANZAC Day

Although it was very busy on the roads around Brisbane, we had a fairly quiet day at work. Danny brought in some cup cakes with blue and yellow butter icing as practice for his Big Morning Tea on 15th May to raise money for Cancer research. I guessed the number of beans in the picture of a coffee jar and bought a raffle ticket.

A student came in for training and I achieved my work goals easily. Bruce chatted about studies in Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy as he is interested in upgrading his Training qualifications for the change in regulations starting this July.

In the evening there was a car accident involving a pedestrian and the drive home took an extra 40 minutes. There was a car being loaded onto a tow truck just over the bridge, so I guessed that the scene of the accident was on the road after the bridge. I hope nobody was injured in the crash.

We heard on the News that William, Kate and baby George would be returning to England after some ANZAC Day observances. I had hoped to attend the Dawn Service but can’t see me being up at 3 am after my big drive home. It would be nice, though to be up that early.


If I had a Hammer

At work we have some power cords that lead along the back of the kitchen sink along the benchtop. This seems to be a common strategy for dealing with kitchens built for other purposes than the current workplace. A week or so ago, I purchased clips to keep the cords higher and tidier but could find no hammer at work. This morning I purchased one for $5 at Woolworths. As I will be in at work on Saturday morning, I hope to be able to do something about it then.

There was a CCIQ webinar on digital marketing at noon today which I watched as part of my Professional Development. It was quite interesting and well-structured to funnel customers to the organisers of the Webinar. I expect it will be relevant to building mobile platforms for student access to presentations and related things.

I would like to hold meetings with people using webinars or video conferencing, so I think it would be useful to test this kind of thing for people who have limited data allowances and who live in regional areas with poor mobile reception. It is not clear to me what the cost of things like Facetime on iOS devices or ooVoo might be in different circumstances such as sending, receiving or retrieving files.

Fortunately, there is no Choir practice tonight as our next event is an Ecumenical service in June so we start rehearsals next month after a break of two or three weeks. For people who have full lives, it is good to have a break every now and then after major Liturgical events. I think the Music Ministry members put a lot into our work and need a change of pace to recover.


Three Day Work Week plus Saturday

This weekend I am rostered on for Saturday morning work, but Friday is ANZAC day and a public holiday. Tuesday after Easter Monday is today, so it is a short work week.

This morning I was awake at 3:30 am, so made some coffee and went down to the Living Room to watch the television and work on the laptop. “Inspector Morse” was on.

By the time it was 5:30 am I really felt like taking Max for a walk, so I left a note next to the Tea Tray and off we went for a good half hour jog to the sea front and back again. Max loved it and is quite strong now that he has a very solid build instead of being skinny like a greyhound when he first came to live with us.

The day at work, though, was really hectic. There were a couple of new reports, some Help Desk tickets and a backlog of e-mails from Thursday when I was off-campus in Gympie. I managed to work through a lot of the things, have a meeting with Bruce about one of the tasks, and set up some appointments. We had a meeting that went for two hours with Danny and Josh, and a chocolate cake for afternoon tea, which was a practice run for the “Big Morning Tea” on 15 th May to raise money for Cancer Research.

At the end of the day we stood around the “Guess the Number of Coffee Beans in the Jar” poster. It is quite a task to work on a strategy. Danny just walked by and said there are 1,232 beans in the jar. How useful is that, if anybody paid any attention or believed that he was telling us the correct number?

I found out today that the play we are supposed to see in a group is about some prostitutes in a Funeral Parlour, left to a girl by her Uncle in his will. It is called “Stiff”. I was not amused to find out about the play and decided that being up at 3:30 am for the ANZAC day Dawn Service would be more important that seeing that particular play the night before.

Anyway, it has been a fun and interesting day again and I am having a slightly early night.