WWC 2013

It’s only two weeks until the second Women’s World Championship of tackle football in Helsinki and I can feel the build-up growing little by little.

It is very brisk here, due to Winter taking hold in the last week or two. Our Winter is probably close to the Spring weather in Helsinki and cooler days in Summer.

Somehow it is helping me to focus on my thesis, as I have had a really good week of writing. Suddenly, I am finding resources like never before. They lead to new things to support my arguments. It is as if the other officials are wishing me the best, some might be praying for me to finish my thesis quickly. Meanwhile, I am hoping and praying for them that they do a great job and work together really well as a team.

My plan is to keep working on my thesis as much as I can. There are two weeks of school holidays coming up, so that will be a great opportunity.


Learning by running

There are many things I have found out while starting a jogging program.

Mainly, I found that pounding the pavement seems to encourage the ligaments in my feet to stabilise my foot a lot.  Also, the circulation in my legs has improved as can be seen by their colour, a few shades more lively than palest white.

My knees seem to have adjusted to the various terrains, up hill, down dale, across the parks and along various nature strips, parking lots and pavements.  I can change direction better, and my feet and knees can adjust very quickly when I come to potholes and bumps in the paths.

Afer twelve weeks, it really is much more of a habit than an appointment to remember.  It is easier to lay out my shorts and top the night before and have my socks and other things nearby.  Drinking enough water seems to come automatically.  ! look forward to my very evolved oat slice recipe, which now includes frozed raspberries and ricotta, if we have some leftover in the fridge.

While planning to include some resistance training, I am experimenting with pleasant study breaks, such as taking notes in the sunshine, using my pedometer to catch up on my daily steps goals and listening to the new free tunes from the internet.  This morning I started a slightly odd combination of aerobic step with 2 x 2kg weights, a sand-filled ball and a small step while catching up on the new music.


Sensing connections to people and groups

In one month, the second Women’s World Championship of tackle american football will be held in Finland.  Although I am not going this year, I was surprised to be looking forward to the event just as much as if I were.  I was an official (referee) for the first WWC in Sweden in 2010.

It is not so much that I feel a connection with the players, as the sense of cameraderie with the other women officials.  Each one was eagerly anticipating the final selection list, and making plans for travelling there even though we were unsure.

We have a social media site to post messages specifically about the events, so it is fairly easy to stay in touch.  I think the best part about the second WWC is that I have been made to feel part of it, even though I won’t be going.  Other women officials have shared the group spirit of support and encouragement, too.

It has been very worthwhile keeping up the connections.  Subconsciously, I have been checking my e-mails quite a lot more than normal to find out the latest.  Now the crews who are going will have to focus on the event and also organise their lives while they are away in Finland.  As it only happens every three years, it is a very smooth-running event with lots of support.

It is a bit surprising that the momentum has kept going since 2010, but the interest locally has been building amongst the players, officials, media and support people.  I am very pleased that it generally is part of positive involvement in the sport regardless of age, gender or background.

Today has been an odd day, though.  I have been very happy thinking that a teaching contract or two were possible, for a week here and a couple of weeks soon after.  However, I discovered that I am only able to undertake supply teaching, which is more like unexpected absences rather than planned absences.

So I am feeling a little confused right now after thinking I would be busy at schools, with new adventures.  Instead I expect to be in a new and unexpected position, sharing the cameraderie of the crews both in Finland and other places around the world as we watch and wait for the second WWC in Helsinki in one month’s time.

At least I have my writing and studies in Education to provide structure and discipline as it is all sorted out in some distant place.  Yet none of it seems distant.  Even the writing seems to be directly linked to changes in my world.

How bizarre!  I guess the first WWC was so new that nobody had time to think about it.  This next month will be different for those familiar with the event and the new ones who are starting for the first time.

There will be concerns about how to gain a profit from broadcasting rights, no doubt, to help fund other events.  I do hope it all goes well and that everyone involved has a wonderful time.


Organisational psychology

I had a new understanding in my thesis final chapter related to the importance of psychology in organisations.  I’m not really sure what psychology is, given that it seems to be a way of working with philosophical concepts in a business environment.  My training is more along the lines of semiotics and decoding philosophy.

At least I can see my way clear to making up two full days of writing a week, with a focus on finishing the thesis by the end of this month.  Zina messaged me on fb about coffee with the girls.  They are my first thesis-support coffee group, so that would be perfect.  I love catching up over coffee!!

Coffee groups are the best type of organisation, from my point of view.  Flexible, adaptable, full of ideas and news, occasional and able to be copied with different personnel.  Perfect!

Meanwhile, I have uploaded a content management system to the server for my website, after hours and hours of keeping the web page open while it installed.  The instructional information is clear and easy to find and it seems very user-friendly. 

There is a link between types of organisation and website domain names, which is relevant to my role as webmaster for a sporting officials organisation.  I am trying to find out the details of audit requirements and having a registered incorporated entity as the governance structure.  Personally, I prefer not-for profit with ability to receive tax-deductible donations.

It is not easy to find out about the officials organisation, as there are changes in the State and national registration systems.  It seems there is more of a centralised system now.  Oh well, it gives me something to do in between writing.  Optimising the search engines on the government web site is obviously not a priority in the business registration area.







Writing in general

It is often said the to improve as a writer, the best thing is to write a lot.

Even though I am mainly writing my thesis and preparing papers for publication, there are other types of writing that can help me to writie well.

When it comes to talking to people, listening and teaching, there is no doubt that writing and research all help to sharpen my message.

Often, it is just a scrap of paper and a list of notes that I use to keep track of things when they occur to me.  This can be hard to use later, as the pieces of paper manage to be used as bookmarks or are soon lost in amongst other things.