There are a couple of ways for me to find industry mentors.  One is through the ACM and the other through the university.

This morning I went to an information session to find out about how the mentoring relationship works.  It has given me lots of hope for finding a way into industry when I don’t really know anyone who might help with finding work.

I have already registered and uploaded my details for the ACM.  The mentor I selected was not available.  However, with the university, the process starts in about three weeks, so I will be keen to find out how it goes.

Last night I went to a training session for NAPLAN markers presented by Lee Willett.  She would be a good mentor, particularly if I am selected to work for three weeks marking exam papers with her team.

Suddenly, I could think of many people who would be great mentors.  It also dawned on me that I could get an inside view of industries that appeal to me where the work I did for my thesis might convert to value for the company.

It’s really great to see the future open up in some small way as I continue updating my thesis for the final submission.


Took a Lot of Notes

Saturday at the university was good.  I collected an assignment and did well on it.  I think that is a little success for me seeing as it is a new area of study in Counselling and Guidance.

The presenters are all experienced lecturers in the Education Faculty, so there were a few inspirational moments when things started to make sense.  I also learned a lot from the Faculty Librarians, which I was quick to try at home afterwards.

I met some international students, one studying Forensic Accounting who is from Russia!  Apparently our orientation session was relevant for her, too!!!! Also, there was a teacher who lives in Bli Bli and works in Caboolture who is doing some interesting things with her students.  We disussed using ICT with STEM students and I discussed my plans for a PhD with her. 

Surprisingly, there are a lot of resources available online related to Vocational Education and Training and my professional development.  I like the idea of a career as being not just about paid employment, which explains why every one I have met recently vehemently claims they have twenty years’ experience in any number of fields.  Twenty seems to be the magic number for the generation between Baby Boomers who took all the teaching, nursing, doctor, policy and policing jobs and Generation X who all went out and designed jeans, swimwear, music videos, other clothes and did anything related to starting out a business in their parents’ garage and then selling the products to their parents’ work buddies and families.

Having left off using EndNote and Word for a while, I am now back to sorting out my writing and considering using them again, as they are strongly recommended in Education.  Apparently, marks are usually deducted for poor referencing, so there will be a lot of data sorting, e-filing and the like to keep up with the requirements and make life easier for markers as well as students.



Orientation Week

This week is orientation week at university and life starts to be busier.  Everyone was out on Saturday buying school things.  The local shopping centre was like an athletics track on the mall.

Outside the grass is greener than it has been for months thanks to Cyclose Oswald and a couple of weeks of steady rain since then.  There will be lots of lawn mowers out on Saturday morning this coming weekend.

Meantime, the Pope is retiring, Uncle Colin’s funeral was on Valentine’s Day in England and I decided to take up School Counselling for my Masters in Education.  Sometimes it’s like putting together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle when it comes to mixing and matching professional development activities with research, writing and teachng.



Crystal’s Message

Crystal e-mailed me this afternoon with lots of updates on her life.  It seems like she is enjoying herself very much and is keen to find the man of her dreams in 2013.

Earlier this year she went to Germany to catch up with friends, which I never would have imagined she would do.  It’s great to hear about it and see the pictures on Facebook from the others who were there as well.

She is supporting me in giving up chocolate for Lent.  It’s easier with support, I think.  I am also trying to eat less and mainly three times at day at meal times, instead of smaller snacks six times a day.  We’ll see how that goes.  I don’t count the fresh fruit in between, so that helps a huge amount.

Karen and Crystal have been working on swim suit designs, which is a great idea for Summer.  I was meant to be working on giving feedback on her story which she hopes to publish.  I think there are three short chapters to date, but it’s a good start.



Finding a Thread

My thesis review is going quite well as I have found a thread of research which leads to my thesis in a different way from before.  In the meantime, the authors who I identified as key researchers in the field have published some very interesting advances related to my topic.  The question will now be whether to bring in the thread of research I found, or just try to work out how it effects the advances by authors already identified.

In a way, this should help me to work out how relevant my own thesis is to what is already happening in the field of published works.  Actually the newly identified thread is a published abstract at present.

At present, I keep writing the opening part of the Discussion chapter, trying to be direct and simple in my approach.  It is taking a while and I am perservering.


This Week at School

I’m teaching for a week at a high school which includes a swimming carnival on Friday and yesterday after school there were Professional Development sessions.  It has been easy finding my way around the school, as the layout is fairly compact.

Justine is another teacher who is working this week at the school and has been there for five years.  She knows everyone around the place and is a lovely person, as are all the teachers. 

The change of pace has motivated me to tidy up my books and papers a bit more.  This morning there was good general feedback from the counselling interview I videoed and sent in to be marked.  Next up is one of many literature reviews.  Love literature reviews…

On the way home yesterday I stopped by Coles and bought a couple of straight skirts and T-shirts for school and that kind of work as my other clothes are mostly for office work and study.  I wear shorts and a polo shirt mostly at home, with sneakers.

So today I will try out the new outfit and pick a colour T-shirt – probably blue, as the school colour is  mostly blue.  It’s nice to have a choice of colour in one’s T’s….


Video Report Finalised

The video which I shot with another teacher in role play early in January has been evaluated.  It was about micro skills in counselling, which were then evaluated in the report.  Apparently, the assessment mode was formative rather than summative.

I realised that it has been a long time since I submitted a paper-based assignment, as most of the work I do now it online.  There is always the problem of keeping the printer ink primed, as mine is almost empty.  Also, it is a leap of understanding to actually print it out as single-sided sheets, rather than on both sides of the paper.  I have to remember to check with the tutor about that one.

It turns out that posting the assignments in it’s cardboard folder with DVD and bulldog clip is cheaper than the petrol needed to drive in to the city and back.  All these minor cost details become very important in the life of a student, although most students in this course are in paid, full-time employment as teachers.

Next up is a literature review.  As a teacher, it seems that literature reviews are popular for each of the subjects in a Master’s in Education.  No doubt I will be very good at doing them by the time I finish.