Prac with clients

This week I am starting my exercise prescription with clients.  As a PT, I have to be ready to train outside the gym for those times when nobody is there to open up the studio.  It happens all the time for early morning gym clients, so I’m guessing that is an essential skill.

We heard about an Aunt in England this morning.  She has been forgetting to take her medications and also eating poorly.  At present, she is in Norfolk with the family of one of her sisters.  C. was on the internet and messaged me, and when I passed the message on, we telephoned to chat with them all.

Working with older clients and unusual body shapes, chronic conditions and the like is good because my Aunts can relate to that as well.  How useful I could be if I went to visit and helped them with their rehabilitation and daily exercise!  I can see it now.


Practical Week finishes all too soon

What a great week it has been at the Wellness Centre for my PT special populations practical!  I put my name down for the Christmas Party and must remember now to keep the date free.

It was so much fun for me to be with people who enjoy aerobic dance and fitness training so much.  When the instructors are so talented, it certainly helps.  Yesterday morning there were fifteen people in the strength circuit class, which seemed to be an all-time record.

On the topic of cake, I didn’t actually bring a couple in for people on my last day.  Mary E.B., the lecturer from college, said she would take a couple in for the staff at the end of her class practicals.  Although it seems to be workplace culture that people who would like to work in the area bake some biscuits or a cake to show their appreciation, it’s not the culture at home.  Mum thinks it is all a bit odd and refuses to go along with that kind of thing.  I will have to remember the Stollen at Aldi, though, as I think they might like that and it would be easy enough to pop by with some Ricotta, butter and a couple of Stollen to keep the troops happy.

Mum tends to approve of spreading German culture, particularly if it involves being Queen of cake baking.


Starting PT

This week my studio sessions with clients start, at the college where I am studying.  Mary E.B. sent me the details for the first client and we arranged to meet this week.  There are a couple of others available as well.

I set out my weekly schedule with spaces for my available hours in a little chart so that I can keep track of places to be.  This gives me a reference point and overview which needs to be kept handy for adjustments.

My aerobics teachers in the last few days have been lovely!  Some of them would have been teaching when I was learning aerobics, and they are just excellent at what they do.  It has been a real pleasure slipping into classes like a shiny  new pair of gym shoes that do every move by themselves!

One thing that I quite like about the culture of the Wellness Centre is that they have an Italian gym instructor and that the owner has a German background of some sort.  It fits in well with my experience and family background, which should keep my parents happy.  They are quite strong on the German side of cultural fit and complain if things don’t match their expectations.

Today I have a busy day and hope to sort out my written work as well as prepare for my classes at college and the Wellness Centre.  It is a beautiful day.




Wellness Centre

Today I met Darrol, Katrina and Dany at the Wellness Centre and joined some classes in aerobics, stretch and functional strength training.  I had a great day meeting the ladies who attend the centre, and some gentlemen as well.  Victoria, the owner, was there for a few minutes and I introduced myself.

It has been a while since I attended an aerobics class, but all went well.  Although I don’t take part in many classes, I usually catch up with the news when I attend Fitness Conventions and through online information.  All those classes that I took in the past seem to have become ingrained in me, as I was able to participate in almost all of the moves.  What great proof that fitness classes really do provide a lasting benefit! 

I managed to put away some dishes and sweep the floor in the Recreation Room, during my lunch hour.  Mary E.B. did mention something about training a client out at the College, but I didn’t hear anything today, so I assume she is still sorting it out. 

Next time I am taking a gym bag with my gear, because a loose towel with a folder for my forms was a bit cumbersome to leave around in the back room.  Gym bags are great because there is so much room for lunch, clothes, extra shirts and the like.  There is definitely an art to packing for gym or study so that all the essentials for the day are in one small, lightweight bag.

Oh yes, I met Alex, the exercise physiologist as well.  He is in charge of all the gym programmers, so I expect to hear more from him soon.

Victoria has built up an amazing centre, and it is a real credit to her for her dedication and desire to help people to be that much healthier than they thought was possible.  I really feel good after my first day at the centre.


Local wildlife

Yesterday, in the middle of the afternoon, there was a large kangaroo on the side of the road as I drove up to the playing fields.  It was about 160 cm tall and appeared to be a large male Eastern Grey.  In the paddocks nearby, there were several smaller kangaroos.  They were busy grazing and resting in the shade.

The large male stood erect for a second or two as I slowed down in my car.  Just as quickly as he noticed me, he hopped away, over the barbed wire fence and disappeared from view.  It was a calm afternoon, but fairly warm.   I expect he was heading for a shady spot.

What a great way to spend a quiet Saturday afternoon!




Personal training outdoors

Yesterday I went to class for my fitness training studies.  Mary was there on her way to teach her high school students in the library.  She has arranged a client for me and Seamus.  Simon’s client was there and Simon had a backpack with equipment to work outside.  The gym wasn’t open.  Simon was prepared and did an outdoor session.  Seamus had his TRX strapping in his car and offered to test out his routine on me.  We used a pergola where smokers go for a break to support the straps. 

I quite liked the set-up with the suspension training and have tested it relatively recently at Lawnton in the gym.  It might be a good idea to have a cleaning schedule for the straps and a mat to place under it if using concrete floors. 

Today we see Mary for our Advanced First Aid part 1.  I handed in two assignments for her and one for Rebecca yesterday.  There is still some work to do with my client preparation for a portfolio of research and data collection instruments (forms).  We have some forms as a guide and I can source my own as well.

Well, the next few days will be busy with assignments and finishing my thesis.  I also hope to meet my mentor for coffee, as he will be in Brisbane for a week.