Mad Rush out the Door

Last night I had choir practice with the new Allen’s organ and after that online training for Gridiron football refereeing. It was amazing. I love the range of sounds that the organ has, particularly when Lydia is playing. Alex stayed behind with some of the others to try out the organ as well.

I dashed off to my online training, only 15 minutes late. It was interesting as Paul was discussing rule changes. That meant that I had a slightly later night and was up about an hour and a quarter later than usual as I wanted a full eight hours of sleep.

There was a cheese and salad sandwich to make with carrot, lettuce, tomato, horseradish sauce, sage, parsley and some liver sausage. It was on Mum’s organic rye bread which she makes in the bread machine. I am trying out dried herbs in an effort to absorb some of the liquid from the salad vegetables. It seems to work well.

Leaving home about 20 minutes later than usual I had an unusually clear run in to work. A quick stroll up the street and I was soon signing in at work a full 15 minutes before starting time, instead of my 30 minutes or more. Then work was busy as usual. I had to fill in an electronic extension form and send it to my supervisors at the university.

There was an email about listing my research on the Faculty web site along with some other students’ work. I was quite surprised and now think I have to find a book shelf quickly to sort out my lack of desk and filing space. There are plenty of flat pack shelves and even small, lockable sets of filing drawers around.

My holiday savings account is about to be raided to pay for another Semester of study fees. I do save a lot by paying ahead, if I can manage to clear my credit card, that is.


Tuesday All Day Today

I felt busy today and was glad that I had brought a really good salad sandwich for lunch. Today I managed to have a 30 minute break at my desk which gave me plenty of time to munch on my sandwich. It would be great to be so organised every day.

After work I caught up with Lynne, who is off to Canada soon with her husband. She does travel a lot, so I don’t see much of her in between her trips. She has been praying for my Mum that her hand heals well and I am sure it has helped. Mum’s had is healing quite quickly. We are all very much relieved about that.

A present I am thinking about bookshelves as a way to tidy my room. My current shelves do not hold lots of things, and I think I need some that do. Perhaps modular furniture will do the trick. I could have small shelves on my desk which might help with the papers that I seem to collect in abundance.


1 Hour + Troubleshooting

My day finished with a rather long computer troubleshooting telephone call. Even though I left work 20 minutes late, I still managed to arrive home only 10 minutes later than usual. The plan had been to attend a Parish meeting, but by the time I had dinner and tidied up in the kitchen, it was too late to go to the meeting.

Our dog Max is apparently blissfully happy with his mat now that Mum has put a thick square of padding on his doggie bed with an old quilt from a garage sale plus his favourite green quilt that came with him from his first owner. He has had the quilt since he was a puppy and just loves it.

I am also blissfully happy with the glorious warm weather we have had recently. It has been brilliant, like Spring but two months early. We are so lucky but could do with more rain for the grass to grow back green again.


Electric Keyboard

The keyboard at church is the one we use now that the church organ is fading away. It sounds great when Therese plays. We had two people step in to help, as there were only Therese, Mark and me there this morning for the Music Ministry. Normally there are a couple more male singers and a lady who arrives half way through the mass.

Alex is looking at having an electrician inspect the current organ, which is apparently only designed for household use. We also have an offer of an organ from Allen’s, which apparently can be trialled in the church while we seek sponsors to purchase it.

This coming week we have Choir Practice and Monday nights is a meeting for the International Mass coming up in a few weeks. The aim is to have participants from different cultures. A few months ago there was an international Mass, but it must have been when I went to an evening Mass and not 9am.


Charity Bowl

We started out well today at the park in Queens Road. There was a Colts game. By the time I arrived, though there was an ambulance as a player had fallen badly or been under a pile of players in a tackle.

My GPS had taken me to a softball field. I then went to a Meakin Park soccer field. After that I went to the gridiron field. There was no parking, so I drove down the road and parked outside the actual field. It was a shock to see how dry the grounds were, but some rain halfway through the men’s game soon fixed that.

We were issued with our new shirts and trousers. The shirts have a Teflon finish, and seem to retain moisture. Hopefully in summer they will last us through. Perhaps the moisture layers will cool us down? In any case, they looked a lot better than the previous shirts, somehow more professional that before, or just newer than before.

I was home early due to the field being closed. There was lightning and thunder, so we had several delays of game. My first game was a good warm up for the season, but I will have to start running as well as my gym work now. Not running is poor preparation for being out on the field. Max will be happy about that.


Friday Quiet Half the Day

The first part of today was fairly busy but the afternoon was much quieter. I had a call from Sian to make sure that I enrolled in my course. This is the one that I could not continue last semester due to starting my new job. It did not take long to sort out and I am now enrolled in the Master of Education without extra specialisations. I already have the Career Development major from last year.

My certificate for the Career Development Association of Australia came through so I gave a copy to the people at work. This type of qualification is really relevant to my work, so I am glad to be a professional member of the relevant association.

It has been two weeks since Mum had her operation on her hand and she went to the family doctor today. She is looking for Vitamin E cream to apply to the incision. Dr Kamara agreed with Mum that it should not be necessary to go to the same hospital in Brisbane when we have a perfectly good hospital in our city.

I brought shredded paper home for the chicken’s nest boxes again this week.


Quiet Time all Round

Dad found an old cork board with a wire to hang it up on the weekend. He was at a garage sale when he discovered it. I took it to work this morning so that I could pin things to it, like calendars and the like. Now I just need some really cool pictures and photographs to pin up there. I’m sure I can find some around about.

It was a fairly quiet day. I had online training for Gridiron at 8:30pm on the internet. That made it a long day since I was up at 4:30 am for gym at 6:15 am. Choir practice starts up again next Wednesday, so that should be a lot of fun on Wednesdays for a while.

I am planning my studies and writing, now that my room is taking shape back as a study instead of a storage library for papers and books.