… with a side of Foucault

“What is philosophy if not a way of reflecting, not so much on what is true and what is false, as on our relationship to truth?… The movement by which, not without effort and uncertainty, dreams and illusions, one detaches oneself from what is accepted as true and seeks other rules – that is philosophy.”

Michel Foucault. (1997) [1980]. ‘The masked philosopher’. In J. Faubion (ed.). Tr. Robert Hurley and others. Ethics: subjectivity and truth. The essential works of Michel Foucault 1954-1984. Volume One.  Harmondsworth, Middlesex: Penguin, Allen Lane p.327. Translation modified.

What is philosophy? What can philosophy be? What will it be for me? These are some questions related to education and my philosophy of education.

Too often, we look to the past to define philosophy, when much of the world is forward-looking. As children and young students, the future holds promise and unknown elements which we tend to forget while our life goes on and our future shifts and changes. Sometimes we hold on to the promises of our youth. Sometimes we forget that bright future and hope as new futures and new hopes supplant our early dreams and plans.





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