Finally Cooler Weather

We enjoyed temperatures below 20 Celsius during the middle of the day today. It was perfect weather for a lunch time walk, so I walked for 20 minutes after eating my pasta, spinach and egg dish which I had prepared on Sunday night.

Saturday night was the inaugural mass for Marty Larsen, who used to be a Deacon in our Parish and was newly ordained on Friday of last week. The Music Ministry choir was out in full force with solos from Mary and Alexander. We had a lot of praise from the congregation, including the priests who presided over Mass with Father Marty. Marty’s Uncle and Father John were there as concelebrants with about 8 priests all together.

Sunday I was catching up on some house tidying and general jobs around the house. So today was quieter and my midday walk was the extent of my exercise.




Drop Boxes at Train Stations

Up at 4:30 am and watching the Sky News International news from Basingstoke, UK. Apparently some railway stations have a drop-off point for parcels which commuters collect on their way home from work. It sounds like a great idea which could easily be misused and would require extra administrative staff.

Pippa invited me to travel to Caboolture with her book and kit from Saturday. I will collect it from Helen and then go up to do some practice for our certificate. She also has her massage table set up, which will be perfect. I look forward to catching up and doing some work towards my certificate.

This week I have to continue with my thesis and work on my LLN401A as well. First I have one assessment to upload which is the next step before the final assessment in the TAE LLN401A. Then I will revise the entire unit in preparation for the final assessment.

My muscle soreness from gym last week has cleared up really well. I hope to be able to do my homework this week, which involves lunges and push-ups.


Christina and Andrew

Yesterday’s training session with Andrew La Terra went really well. Pippa brought her massage table and added it to the row of four others that we used to do the training. Andrew said that we both did really well. It was really enjoyable and I learned a lot.

On Tuesday, we will receive our booklets and little kit for performing the technique. Pippa said that she liked it and also had forgotten that side of her career, which she used to really enjoy in the days before she married and had children.

Christina went out to buy some kind of take away noodles with red ginger and curry, as well as sushi. It was interesting that Andrew kept training us while drinking a green smoothie and munching on cookies and the noodles. It reminded me of how we eat on the run at work.

I also asked Darag what he thought of the company and he seemed interested in it, as he had heard of some people who enjoyed working with the oils.






Learning a Therapy Today

Pippa finally sent me her confirmation that she is attending training today. I booked her in and we are set to go. She is bringing her massage table and we are both hoping to take up the certificate for the clinical therapy part.

Last night I attended the introductory session at Helen’s place. Helen was very well prepared with black and white hand outs and laminated sheets in sets of five. There would have been 20 or more ladies in attendance, as I was a free session. They brought a plate. As I came straight from work, I did not bring a plate and just went home for dinner instead.

Andrew Laterra was the speaker and I asked him about using aroma oils for people with Type 1 diabetes. He knew of three different oils to use. I also spoke to Gabriel, a German lady, who is interested in the business side of team building. His wife Christina was also at the session and we had a nice chat. She is from Salt Lake city and Andrew is from Italy, but they both live in Melbourne now.



Delayed onset muscle soreness is very real here at home. It was several lunges and some modified push-ups, a weighted squat with upward press and a glute bridge that woke up my long-dormant muscles. Not before time, I might add, as long hours of research with a ban on attending the gym can lead to an unbalanced approach to writing and study.

When I first discovered aerobics, it was a revelation because attending classes balanced out my day job of office work really well. I finally understood how people could become absorbed in programming or computer and telephone work by just including a simple exercise regime.

In many ways, I am blessed to have survived a long term interest in health and fitness without overdoing it unnecessarily. In order to be interested again, though, there has been the hiatus of studying for my research higher degree with the infamous gym ban. Now, in the interests of exercising for my health and avoiding skin cancer, and having worked out what the research culture of my work unit is in today’s terms, I have elected to take up exercise with some help from Eli, the PT and the local gym.











My Program

Yesterday morning I worked with my trainer, Eli. The three sessions of training come with my gym membership. This was session one. It was brilliant! My goal is basically to move more due to studying for such a long time, which trained me to sit still enough to get my current job.

I have homework. Twice a day I have lunges and push-ups, albeit modified push-ups as I don’t “do” push-ups generally. My plan is to take some shorts, a polo shirt and socks and shoes with me in my car so that I can spend some time “frolicking” in the park before and after work. Either that, or I’ll just take Max to the school oval nearby and do it that way which might work best for weekends.

Eli’s specialty is good form, which is the area of training which interests me most for personal training as well as my own workouts. Josh must have listened really well when he took Crystal, Georgia and myself through the Ignite session.

Last night I went to choir practice for Marty’s first mass. His ordination is Friday night and he is having his mass on Saturday night in our parish. Saturday is my training for Aroma Touch massage therapy. I am hoping to bring Pippa, who already has a massage table and a Certificate III in aroma therapy massage. She is a trained nurse and I know her through Alice and Dave, as she is their niece. She is Tony’s wife, from football officiating.


Ignite Tour

Josh the Trainer in Charge took me, Crystal and Georgia around parts of the gym this morning. Tomorrow I am meeting Eli at 6:15am for my first PT session. It all went well except for my car stalling a bit when I tried to turn over the ignition afterwards.

My sandwich and other snacks helped a lot when students arrived an hour late, overlapping with my lunch hour. Sitting at my desk means that I do not abandon the students while they work, so having some activity during the day with gym counteracts my work pressures.

That was the highlight of my day, except for using Skype to share my screen for a session with an interstate student. I can see me using my Be Lean drinks now to keep me on track with gym and get myself into the spirit of working out with gradually increasing intensities. Today I found out that Johnny, a national trainer for Les Mills instructors, teaches at the gym.