Gardening weather

Easter is always a beautiful time of year in Queensland.  We have a lovely, calm day with lots of sunshine after yesterday’s overcast day.

Mum coloured some eggs and put them in a basket with golden straw and decorations for our Easter table.  We had an egg on toast with salmon for breakfast this morning.  It was a great idea.

Although we all have the flu at present, we are improving slowly.  I sat up and watched a 1950s version of Sir Lancelot of the Round Table on television, with Robert Taylor.  It was surprisingly good.  That gave me the opportunity to have a warm milk with honey and various other curative drinks, including decaffeinated green tea and aloe vera juice with a Super Greens mix.

There was some American news, British news and not a lot of other things of interest.  Eventually, I went back to bed for a few hours’ sleep before morning when I took the dog out for his walk.



Calm before Easter

We have had several updates to our essential services in the last few weeks. 

The ceiling panel which was damaged by the lads installing our new solar panels has been fixed.  A plasterer came and did it over a couple of days.

The microwave was sent for repairs as it stopped working.  Now it is better than ever.

Our kitchen tap was mixing hot and cold water and not shutting off properly.  Dad installed a new one of those.

The stovetop was going very hot on the lowest setting.  Two of the hotplates have not proper thermostat. We are still working on that one.

Then, of course, Mum had a cough (the 90-day cough, according to Angela), which has kept on for weeks.  Then it turned into a cold or flu.  Then Dad and I came down with a flu on the same day.  This is day three for me.  I am feeling a bit more human, at last.  Poor Mum, though, is still battling the effects.

Anyway, I am back to researching and writing.  The literature review is taking shape but I have to read through the lecture notes before continuing.  In the meantime I have an online exam to prepare for and the thesis to continue updating.

Fortunately, we have some rain lately, which means I can pull weeds in the garden in a day or two.  This also means the temperature is below 30 Celsius for a few days, which is a real blessing, seeing as we are in Autumn now.



Late night study session

I was up after midnight searching for articles for my literature review, while watching the news on television.

A cup of coffee kept me awake and I found at least six promising studies.  The topic is making sense now, and I can sense where my debate will be heading. 

The key to completing on time, for me, is to start writing as soon as possible and continue to draft and refine my report.  That way it is easier to see what is required to substantiate any claims and round out the bigger picture.


Writing about boys’ education

I am currently looking at career education and boys’ education.  Although boys’ schools are widespread in the community, gender issues in education mean that having a specific approach to teaching boys is far from clear.

Access to information technology for boys should promote decision making related to careers, or at least it could be possible.  However, the prevailing opinion seems to be that people most in need of information about careers are using mobile phones and computers for gaming, instead of developing career options.

That is, in the Western world.  In developing countries, it is girls’ education that is problematic due to barriers to entry and to progress.  Girls are meant to stay at home, cook, clean, work in the fields and look after children and older relatives, it seems.

Making career decisions, taking chances as they occur and being mentored all seem to be important factors in developing a career path.



Synchronising Buses

This morning I caught the early bus to the CBD and transferred to the 204 bus for the second leg of the trip.

I was quite happy to travel that way, although interchanging at the City Hall might have been quicker.

On the way home, I used the busway and the 222 bus, which is much more frequent and just as close to my destination.  It is a mystery to me why the online journey planner from Queensland Transport does not include this alternative route in their search engine.

Another benefit of my first bus trip across the Brisbane River to the South side of the city was finding out about the buses to the University of Queensland.

The cost of a weekly return trip seems to be about $60.


My master’s thesis rewrite is looking feasible

Today I moved a few files to the filing cabinet to make room for my thesis rewrite.

The binder with my examiners’ reports was close by, as was the thesis print-out. It took some time to locate the main files, including the bibliography file which was on a USB drive.

However, before very long, there it was, ready for tweaking. I found the template for recording the tweaks and started to fill in the blanks. It must be said that it is not all that daunting, once commenced.

Looking at the survey website, it seems that I had an 85% response rate without the seven extra paper-based surveys. That is an excellent result. I will still need to find my list of invitations, though, to check the numbers.

Sadly, Mum has a cough with her influenza and has been confined to bed for most of the last three days. Today she went to the doctor as her stomach muscles are very tired from coughing. The good thing about doing my thesis at home is that I can check up on her if she needs anything.

Amazingly, my flu Inokulation from last year seems to be helping to keep me flu free. It is certainly worth it if it means I can make some progress with my thesis.

In the meantime, I started reading for a literature review on careers and soon found links to my thesis. Actually, it is not so much links as a new perspective now that I have the thesis in good shape. This is encouraging, as my focus for the literature review might be something that is meaningful for me.


Not quite the 90 day challenge

News on the 90 day challenge is that it is not starting yet in Australia, so I unticked the box on the website and am continuing to prepare.

So far, I have been getting up about an hour before dawn, now that it is Autumn, and checking e-mail and updates.  Then I go for a 30-40 minute jog with our dog.

This morning I made an oat and raisin slice in the microwave that was perfect for breakfast. I also make a great salad sandwich and smoothie.  Those are the basics which will fit in to any day, whether I go to the city or am called out to teach in a local school.

I think I need to call a meeting to invite people on the challenge.  Suitable venues are health food shops, alternative therapy places, community halls and other meeting rooms.  I would like to see my way clear to doing this with a minimum of fuss and at just the right time.

Meanwhile, I have the jogging arranged, but not the resistance training.  That is actually the easy part, as I have a couple of weights under the bed for pumping some iron whenever I need a break from a study routine.  The exercises to do are fairly OK – knee high jogging, double arm rows, overhead presses and the like.  I’m sure I can do some every second day, starting as soon as possible.  I just need to remind myself.

Then there is the fish oil tablets – done.  Multi-vitamin – done.  Lots of water to drink – yes, I have been doing this for several weeks now. 

Today I bought some super greens in a container with some Aloe Vera for Mum’s cough.  I tried it too, and the spirulina is very obvious.  She has had the coughfor a couple of weeks and now has a cold as well.  Apparently it is going around and can last for three months!!! Angela was here yesterday and said she had the cold last week.

So Mum is resting and has sore stomach muscles from all the coughing.  The chemist said not to suppress the cough as it is not good to allow it to settle on the chest.  I guess Mum will end up with very strong abdominal muscles after a few days of that.

Although Mum won’t be doing the 90 day challenge, she has challenges of her own.  I am thinking how much better we will all feel in a few weeks’ time.