End of the Work Week

This week at work I started to feel a bit more like myself after such a long time working on my research area, trying to sort out papers for publication, and polishing my thesis. It is a lot of fun at work, especially when the students make a lot of progress and the staff are completely irreverent and cheeky. Students often say how they appreciate the whacky behaviour of the staff on our campus.

I launched a social media page for my aroma technique therapy, which I will be learning in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I am learning the oils and their effects on myself and anyone else who cares to try them. I think Mum will like a foot and lower leg massage, particularly as her knee replacement has slowed her down a lot. She isn’t really someone who likes to walk, preferring gardening, shopping, sewing and pottering around the house.

Our friend Erica Timms passed away yesterday after falling down in the shopping centre. She was found to have cancer all through her body when the hospital admitted her after the fall. Mum knew her fairly well to chat and through mutual friends. Mum heard about it on her birthday, as she had a hospital appointment and ran into Gunther Timms, Erica’s husband who was visiting his wife that day.

Mum was fascinated by the doctor’s report about a place in the brain that controls our will to walk. Apparently the cancer affected that part which is why Erica spent all day lying on the couch. Gunther found it difficult to understand at the time. It might help other people to be motivated to move more thinking of this, though. It works for me.


Father Michael’s Episcopal Ordination to Bishop of Rockhampton

Last night we had a great rehearsal at St Mary’s Anglican Church in Redcliffe. There were a few tenors and basses, way more than we normally have. There were also some altos. So instead of one Tenor, two bases and two altos with fifteen sopranos, we had a well-rounded choir. It is for next Wednesday’s Ecumenical Service for the Environment as part of the Hayes Inlet Festival.

Today in Rockhampton, our previous Parish Priest was ordained Bishop of Rockhampton. I am just watching the recording of the live streaming video. Our Choir Director posted it online on his social media page. I signed his card from our Parish and have no idea how many were able to drive up to Rockhampton for the big event. It is a very impressive service.

Father Michael was looking around all the people in the church to try to find people he knows. His family were up the front. Apparently he has a married brother with that family and a few others who attended. We found out Father Michael’s middle name. It is a big day for him, that’s for sure.


Monday and Opportunity

Today we had a few students come in for training, although my afternoon appointment did not arrive. I told my colleague Andrea about how aroma therapy can help with issues such as the ones she has at present. She looked at the book that I bought from Helen on Saturday. It has lots of really useful information on using aroma therapy.

Also, the boss had a few words to say in my lunch hour as he dawdled past with the lunch he bought. I told him that there is an aroma type solution for his cough and I could bring one in for tomorrow. He agreed that I should bring something in, so I will.

It makes the day go faster when you can find ways of sharing hope and some of the lessons that we learn along the way. Helen, my aromatherapy “grandmother” is very wise and a great teacher. I hope to share some of the knowledge about this stuff with my work colleagues. Who knows where it will lead?


Sunday a Quiet Day

I woke up at around 3:30am and took my laptop down to the living room to watch television while Mum and Dad slept. At around 6am I noticed that Crystal was online in Los Angeles, so I messaged her on Skype. Surprise, surprise, she called back and we eventually had a conversation with some video.

Next week we will do the same. She has asked me to contribute a chapter to her book. I think she is asking Karen from Canada as well. It all has to be done within a month, as she is starting some kind of yoga training for officials through the NFL. I think it starts with a school program, though.

I hope to show her how to use PowerPoint or the OpenOffice equivalent remotely using screen share. That should be interesting! She also has another radio interview coming up. It’s great to hear how active she has been in pursuing her interest and hopefully will find work due to all her initiatives and skills.

We have a big event coming up in the Music Ministry and Lydia is allowed to play the church organ for us after her physiotherapist made her take a break due to RSI. I will have to offer an aroma therapy technique for her hands and forearms, seeing as I am learning all about it from Helen and my new support team in aroma therapy and aroma massage.

Today I learned about frankincense, general oils and a lower leg and foot massage. It is all on youtube. The book that Helen sourced for me is also very informative. It even goes into the chemical breakdown of the oils and their active properties. She is such a wise and helpful guide in this area that I am very blessed to be working with her.

Diane was on facebook, as was Zina. We are trying to meet up again. However, Zina is still in Melbourne and is not back until the 14th of June when I am learning aroma touch massage technique. I think she would like to learn it too. I’ll have to find out the cost and let her know.


Saturday Half at Work

This morning I was up just after 4 am as I remembered I had to go in to work for half the day. I managed to do lots of tidying up in the house and still had plenty of time to go in to work. It was very quiet in at work, with Danny, Josh and Mel all starting out with me. Mel had an interview and then left after about 10:30 – 11:00 am. Danny left before 12 noon. I finished at 1pm.

On my way home I stopped in at Chermside where I discovered that Target had a one day sale. I found two quilt covers which were very pretty and had great reductions in price, so I purchased those. This morning when I was changing my sheets my old feather bed cover just tore. We are recycling that one now.

In the afternoon, I visited Helen, who is my Grandmother in my aroma therapy technique venture. She is training me early in June with an expert in the technique at her Beauty Therapy salon. It is really a few small rooms under her house, but it is very well set up. I have already experienced the aroma technique and felt so much better for it after a week or so. It was great.

I set up my facebook page where I can post news and ideas related to the aroma technique. It is lots of fun and I hope to meet some very interesting people through it.


Half-day Friday

As I go in to work on Saturday until 1pm, I was able to leave work at 12:30 pm today. It was a great opportunity to tidy up around the house and sort out my room. The morning was taken up with meetings, so it was unusual to have such a quiet day at the end of the week.

This weekend I am hopeful of making lots of progress on my thesis update. Having a half-day on Saturday will hopefully have me in writing mode, particularly as I expect to be working on the phone with a student for most of the morning.

My very small purse is the best accessory for going to work, as I have given up taking a larger bag as if I am going to the library for the day and need to take everything with me.


Thursday after Late Night Training

I made some coffee and stayed up for late night training for officiating. Mark knew I would be late because of Choir Practice. So while I had the website up and was making my coffee, I logged on. It went quite well as far as following the training goes.

While planning for writing papers and updating the thesis, this experience is just awesome! After a recovery sleep on Thursday night the next three days will be great for writing and recovery sleeps on the weekend. Finally I feel fine about the thesis and follow-on. I love my work and it helps me to love my research.