Sunday with some Room

The weekend newspaper arrived on Saturday as I was leaving for work, so I put in it my bag and forgot about it until today. There was also a Sunday paper for us in the driveway. In the morning I changed my sheets, put the towels in the washing machine and ran a load of washing. I prepared for Music Ministry, remembering to take the USB. I had sent the slides on Tuesday, as the songs were sent to me early in the week when I have time to add them to the slides.

We had a video message from the Arch Bishop, so it was a pretty laid back kind time for power point flicking this morning. The Gathering Song and Offertory will be different verses of set songs, so that also makes it easier. I remembered my water bottle as well today and took time to set out the music stands and microphones with space in the middle for any late comers. Len, Louis and Mark were there in the male part of the choir, with Fred and Jean by Therese, the space with a music stand all ready for a visitor, and me in the middle.

Next week it will be Fred and Jean again, so I hope Therese sends the song selection early again.

It was a great day for fruit today, as Peter brought two boxes and some cabbages for sauerkraut when he visited a couple of days ago. We have grapes, plums and apples. Mum loves to have lots of vegetables, especially when she doesn’t have to grow them or go out to find them at the shops. That’s what I like about Spring and Summer. All the different types of fruit that we have are just amazing.


Saturday in Town

I am on roster this Saturday and I did my best to arrive early as I knew it would be warm today. I have to sort out papers and folders to take to Gympie and Kingaroy for next week, so I brought my travel bag with wheels and a long handle. There was a word cloud I printed off for Wellness at work, which I put on the door of my office.

It was a productive morning, as I caught up with a few people on the phone, tested the coffee machine and cleaned it out with water in the milk frother to steam clean it after it was left out a couple of weekends ago. Before I knew it, it was afternoon and time to go. I took the papers and things for Gympie and Kingaroy down to the car and set off on my trip to the city. I had a ticket to see “The Lion King” at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre in the CBD. My birthday money helped me to buy a ticked right up the front.

The city was busy with lots of teenagers in costume for some kind of performance or workshop type of event. There were three people in “Where’s Wally” costumes as a group, several girls with longer cotton dresses with wide skirts, one with a wig of long white hair, a boy with a uniform and small plastic rifle and many others. A few boys were out on skateboards, there were some ladies dressed up and generally it was a lively place.

“Lion King” was a special event today because AEIOU volunteers were out in full force for the autism-friendly performance. I had no idea that this was the day until I actually arrived and saw the volunteers in their blue t-shirts with logos. The audience was mainly families with their children. They all loved the show and were completely enthralled by everything. The parade of animals was great and the “Circle of Life” song was a crowd favourite. It was special to be in the audience with all those families. I am not sure how the performance differed from other days, but the actor on stage said they had been waiting for this day for a long time.

I loved the show. My seat was right at the front by the music director and musician’s area, which I could easily see. They were delighted to be performing for this particular audience and loved every minute of it. It was a great birthday present for me. I have really only been in school musicals and have not attended this kind of performance before. I can remember seeing the Queensland Ballet, the Globetrotters Basketballers, an orchestra on stage for my Diploma of Fitness graduation, and not much else. Now I will be on the lookout for other performances.


Friday with a Spot of Rain

Today was mostly overcast, but the storm seems to have passed us by. Everywhere there were branches down, leaves across footpaths, rain water gutters overflowing. Fortunately the local village at work appeared to be fine and the shopping centre down the road seemed to have just one area where water leaked onto the mall tiles. I went for a coffee at Zaraffas and read the paper. It was full of tributes to Phillip Hughes the cricketer who died on the field after being struck by a ball just below his helmet at a major artery in the back of his neck.

Eli was shaken by the news of the sporting great who died so young. He said no one has died through his sport, which is Thai boxing, Muay Thai. It was just a shock for everyone, I think.

We had lunch time rain and a clearing afternoon. I am preparing for my trip to Gympie and Kingaroy early next week.


Logan Central Today

This morning I had some time to spare so that I could drive to Logan Central library for training. I went across to the shops for a cup of coffee and sat there for a while before going back up. Then I took my bags from the back of the car and sat in the section where Craig said he meets his students.

It was very busy at the library and I enjoyed catching up with the students. My journey back was fine and the drive back was fairly clear. I was soon back at work for the afternoon webinar. It was not until 4:35 pm that we heard the storm warning and everyone started to pack up to avoid the 140 km and hour winds and hail that were headed for the city.

I took off my shoes and put on my hat, grabbed my little pink umbrella and stepped out into the rain that had just started. Not two blocks from work the hail started. It was the size of golf balls and was bouncing everywhere, sometimes zinging in sideways. It was better bare foot, as I would be slipping on the hail if I had my shoes on. For summer, I really need to take my thongs in a little slip cover so that I can change into them when the afternoon storms hit.

I stood by a fence with my umbrella up until the hail changed to heavier rain, and crossed the road to my car with three small hail balls following me in to the car before I could close the door. The drive home was very slow and I was home 20 minutes later than usual. There was one major accident but most drivers were very careful and I looked out for sheeting water across the road all the way. There road was pretty safe, though, thank God.


Tuesday and the Search is On

I was up at 4:30 am and finished the slides for Sunday. The hymn selection arrived on Monday, which is fantastic. The days when I have the most time are usually Sunday afternoon, Monday and Tuesday. I checked them all and sent them to Therese, the Parish Office, Father John and Father Isi. That also makes the end of my week so much easier, as I don’t have to worry about when to find time to do them.

My experiment with Wild Orange and Peppermint extract yesterday went quite well, so I made another berry smoothie this morning and left a small glass of it for Mum and Dad, each. Mum said later that it was very nice but they had no idea what it was meant to be. With mine, I just added lots of milk and took it to work with a freezer block in a lunch bag. It is the ideal lunch as I can have it at my desk. The day was so beautiful that I did go out for a short while to buy Christmas card stamps and visit “PandaPearls”, a gift shop which specialises in pearls and which is on the next block from work.

The morning was marked by a police search with police dogs scouting the neighbourhood around work. Although I did not see any of it we heard about it at the office. There wasn’t much to see out the window, either. A few months ago there was some incident near the shopping centre across the road, so I would not be surprised if it didn’t happen again with different people.

I bought a vehicle log book and business expenses book to record my transactions for taxation and for the travel I will be doing in the next couple of weeks for work. I will be in Redcliffe and Logan Central this week and Gympie and Kingaroy the following week. Then I take my annual leave with a return visit for the Christmas party the following Friday.

It is great having so many different things ahead on the agenda.


Monday After a Cool Night

The weather seems to be settling down a bit, as the nights are cooler again and it is easier to sleep with a light blanket covering me than when I am melting in the heat. This is my last two weeks before I am on holidays and next week I will be in Gympie and Kingaroy for the first three days. This week I am off to Logan Central on Thursday morning, so it will break up my day a bit and give me a new insight into off-campus study groups in that part of the State.

I slept in until 5 am this morning which is handy when I am up early anyway. There is always a half hour either way that I can be up extra early or sleep in if I need to. I made a berry smoothie with peppermint, wild orange, some cinnamon and ginger. It was excellent, but after adding a lot more milk and leaving it in the refrigerator at work all morning, the flavour mix was not so strong. I should have used a glass container for the citrus essential oil, which tends to react with containers that are made with other materials.

Then I took a Granny Smith apple and a bottle of water. I was ready to go to work. My colleague has moved back into the room where I work and it was busy with two students in addition to both of us. I look forward to having time to research and write during the upcoming holidays. My researches on Sunday afternoon turned up some interesting work which I hope to read this week while doing a few other things related to study. As there is no choir practice this week, I will have some extra time for that kind of thing.


Sunday Elevations

Today I had my slides ready to go and my books gathered into a little bundle for Mass when Mum called me to look at a Christmas ornament that lights up and has a train with music. It is from a garage sale and Mum and Dad bought it for Peter’s family. It was very pretty, and made a train noise. However it needed one bulb to bring it to life as the one that was there needs replacing.

Off I went to Mass, not realising that my USB was still on my desk. It was not until I sat in the pew near the organ that I realised that I had forgotten it. However, Father John had received the slides, so all was not lost. That is, until I tried to switch on the laptop and project the slide show. It did not project at all. I asked Father Isidore to help out and it was soon set up. Father John fixed the other problem with projection and it was soon sorted out.

I had also left my water bottle behind and did not go to the kitchen for a cup of water. Instead, I tried to make it through the hymns without singing overly loudly. It worked out fine, as Len, Priscilla, Cathy, Louise, Kevin and Mark all arrived in plenty of time. Kate was there at the organ. We did our best.

Dom has been elevated to the Diaconate. It seems odd to see him with his clerical collar and ecclesiastical robe, instead of jeans and a long sleeved shirt. I suppose that just like Marty before him, he will be a Deacon and look after the Youth events in the Parish until he is ordained. Marty has been a priest for a couple of months now, so Dom is shaping up as the next Deacon for us.

In the afternoon, Mum and I went in search of the Christmas light for the little display with trains on it. We went to North Lakes and Masters but could not find it. After a cup of coffee at Michel’s we checked a lighting shop at Morayfield that the retail assistant at Masters had mentioned. I called them to ask about the bulb, which they had. Before long we were there and had our little bulb. We had some groceries to collect as well, and were soon at home with our treasured bulb.

With the new bulb in place, the Christmas display was a mass of pin point lights, chugging trains and little glowing windows tucked away in a 3-D mountain scene. It is quite a sight and if it’s not right for the children, we will find another home for it. Dad loves to find and fix things for the children at Peter’s place.

Later in the day I worked on my research.