Organisational psychology

I had a new understanding in my thesis final chapter related to the importance of psychology in organisations.  I’m not really sure what psychology is, given that it seems to be a way of working with philosophical concepts in a business environment.  My training is more along the lines of semiotics and decoding philosophy.

At least I can see my way clear to making up two full days of writing a week, with a focus on finishing the thesis by the end of this month.  Zina messaged me on fb about coffee with the girls.  They are my first thesis-support coffee group, so that would be perfect.  I love catching up over coffee!!

Coffee groups are the best type of organisation, from my point of view.  Flexible, adaptable, full of ideas and news, occasional and able to be copied with different personnel.  Perfect!

Meanwhile, I have uploaded a content management system to the server for my website, after hours and hours of keeping the web page open while it installed.  The instructional information is clear and easy to find and it seems very user-friendly. 

There is a link between types of organisation and website domain names, which is relevant to my role as webmaster for a sporting officials organisation.  I am trying to find out the details of audit requirements and having a registered incorporated entity as the governance structure.  Personally, I prefer not-for profit with ability to receive tax-deductible donations.

It is not easy to find out about the officials organisation, as there are changes in the State and national registration systems.  It seems there is more of a centralised system now.  Oh well, it gives me something to do in between writing.  Optimising the search engines on the government web site is obviously not a priority in the business registration area.







Web sites

On Thursday I looked up a well known web hosting company to check the information about hosting a web site.  I had made enquiries a while ago and had also received a good offer from them which I was able to activate.

This type of hosting service has interested me for a year or two now, so I thought the time is right to do something about it.  It was even mentioned in the webinar I attended on tailoring one’s job search to the specific industry.

Everything takes time to be updated through the internet, but I seem to have the best approach now.  My account manager is Miles and he sent some links to helpful videos.  I used Skype to telephone the company and found it worked really well this time.

Despite all the excitement of going back to web site design, I realised that the next three weeks are going to be extremely busy with writing assignments.  My discussion chapter absolutely has to be done and I have a lot of things to take out of my thesis.  I have my last assignment for Semester 1 in counselling well underway and some small assignments for TAFE. 

To make this manageable, I am trying to keep my Sundays free.  This should make it easier to focus and work properly during the rest of the week.  Saturdays are usually for tidying up and Mondays are often washing days.

So Max and I had a quick run this morning.  The Sunday paper turned up on the front lawn even though we have cancelled the subscription.  There was a big cover page invitation to join a fun run of 5 or 10km to raise money for cancer research, I think it was.

That’s a nice thought….