Last Day of Winter

Yes! Winter ends today! The weather is glorious! I was up around 5:30 am and had lots of time to do my presentation slides for 9 am Mass. Last night I took Florian home to Newfarm and then arrived at my place around 11:30 pm. There was dinner in the microwave, chicken with beans and potatoes. I watched some television while eating my dinner and was in bed around midnight.

So this morning I sat in the living room with the laptop and searched for my clip art. It took about two hours to sort out the slides, which I sent by email and put on the USB which I wear around my neck so as not to forget it. Fred and Jean were there at 8:30 am with Therese at the organ. Father Robert McCullough who is the Vatican representative of the Columban Missionary Fathers and has spent 30 years in Pakistan was there to preside at Mass with Father Isidore. He was born in Melbourne, so is another Australian in the Vatican.

I didn’t realise that the Catholic Church looks after more sick people in Pakistan and other third world countries than any other country, organisation or group in the world. It makes me want to subscribe to the “Far East” magazine and Columban Calendar, which are institutions of themselves.

Brunch was ready. This time it was toast with salmon and an egg on top. No scones today! It was delicious. I had a cup of coffee with my brunch while preparing the slides for next week. All I need is the words for the Hymns, which should arrive early as Therese is making an effort to send them around early to give me lots of time to put them up. The slides did not take too long and I have saved them while waiting for the Hymn selection to arrive by email.



Work and Some Games

Saturday morning I tried to arrive early at work and succeeded. I returned my work mobile after charging it and resetting the SIM. Now I will be using the desk phone, which means that the administrative staff will be fielding my incoming calls.

After work I went to Subway for a foot long turkey sub which I took with me to Nerang. I arrived at about 2:30 pm and sat on a telegraph pole barrier-style seat at the side of the field. Then I changed into my uniform in one of the ladies’ toilets. My car was nearby so it was easy to leave my bag in the car. Then I sat on the little slope near the Medic’s tent and watched the second half of the Colts game. If I had been properly hydrated, I probably would have joined the game as an official or shadowing one of the club officials.

The games went well as I had a protégé for the first game, being a younger player learning officiating. He went very well. Hopefully we can add him to our officiating team before too long as a white hat referee. I mentioned to Steve that I would bring some Deep Blue rub stuff for his calf muscles, as it is awesome. His version from the doctor was very neutral. It would be so funny to take my massage table and do some hands-on work with the Aroma Touch oils. The referees’ room would have a different kind of aroma instead of cigarette smoke and musty hats.


Thursday Working, Working

I pulled up really well from PT yesterday, and was up before 4 am this morning for my cappuccino and cup of oats in milk with honey and cinnamon. This weekend I am rostered on to work and on Saturday I go to Nerang for two games from 4 pm onwards. I expect I will pick up a Subway either in the morning at work or afterwards.

Training last night was not very helpful, as the screen froze when the video was meant to be shown on the webinar screen. Mark sent the slides around this morning, so at least I had those. There were quite a few people tuned in for the session, as it was a popular topic – pass interference.

The day was quite cool to start with and so was the late afternoon. In between it was warm. Mum called during the day to ask me to bring home some milk, which I did. Tonight she is catching up with news from Germany as my Godmother and Godfather are on Skype talking with her.



Back in Brisbane Today

It was strange being back at my desk today. Rain in the afternoon made it even stranger. In the morning, I took the wrong bags in to the gym, but only the make-up bags were wrong. Apart from leaving my membership card on my desk at home, everything else was where it should have been.

Training was great, as usual. I have a new set for push-ups and want to try it out at least two times before next Wednesday. The ideal time will be at about 4:30 am when I am having my coffee and oats in the morning. My plan is to schedule 10 minutes or so for push-ups and then have my breakfast afterwards.

Helen invited me to a Saturday training for Aroma Touch Technique which is in the afternoon. There might not be games that Saturday, which is the week after this coming Saturday. If not, I hope to be able to attend. I messaged Pippa to let her know. She often has to organise baby sitters if she is going out on her own to something like that.

I received the songs for Sunday which need to be put into a Powerpoint presentation. At least I have them days ahead of time instead of Friday after work. Tomorrow there should be some time to work on them. It was a bit of a rush last weekend with the Bishop doing First Communion and Confirmations.

Tonight is football training online.


Monday Away

I am sitting in the restaurant at the “Royal Hotel” where I have ordered crumbed steak. There is a group of  10 women at the table next to mine. They are taking group photos.
Today I drove for 100 km up the road to Gympie where I am working for two days. It took two hours and was a very good drive with a lot of flickering light from sunrise through the trees.
At Gympie I did some shopping for sweets and biscuits. There is a very nice sweet shop near the office. I also found a glass bowl at the cheap shop.
My day was fairly quiet. Mum called to see how I was. When I arrived at my hotel room I called home to let them know when I would be back.
It has been a great day. I want to write some of my paper on Foucault. If it doesn’t happen tonight I should manage tomorrow. Last night I made a good start on it.


Parish First Communion

Today we had 11 am Mass for the children of the Holy Cross parish who made their first Holy Communion. I had the slides sorted out after checking them in the evening. They were saved to my USB drive. At the church I loaded them onto the system and we were ready to go.

Actually, at the last minute I saw that the first image did not show very well, so I changed it by duplicating one of the others in the main part of the slides. During the mass I somehow pressed the presenter device too quickly and the slides skipped over the main part of The Creed.

Apart from the minor hitches, it seemed to work quite well. Joe was giving me hints about how to improve my slides. He is really good at organising things like this because he has been organising the Filipino masses for ages. I was glad that I had prepared the main part of the slides early in the week.

Copying and pasting PowerPoint slides is quite slow using my laptop, but writing out the words for the Hymns is much quicker and no trouble at all.


Saturday at Home

Today we were visited by Peter and the three girls. They were Aydah, Katelin and Zoe. We watched “Dora the Explorer” and “Pooh” while playing with Connectors on the living room rug. Peter brought sandwiches and drinks in a small lunch box.

The house was halfway to being cleaned, as I was ironing the kitchen tablecloth when they arrived. Still, the living room and kitchen were done. I like having clean floors when there are small children in the house.

In the morning, I finished the slide presentation for 11 am Mass and sent it to Kate and the Parish office. I am still not sure where to put the Offertory Hymns in the Order of Mass. Next time I will take a note and make sure I remember for the following week of slides.

I’m planning my study room of the future. It will have a glass top desk, book shelves, a computer of some kind, some folders and books. There will be space for mini exercise breaks and a rolled up yoga mat. I will have shelves for gym shoes, weights, balls and bands. There will be a printer and some magazine holders. In the afternoon it will be sunny and warm. At night it will be quiet because it is my bedroom, too.