Ina Called

Today I was surprised to hear from Ina, who used to be a registrar at Fitness Queensland in an earlier embodiment before Fitness Australia was formed.  I think it was QFAC at the time.

She is updating some details on a database and called me to check my contact information.

It was great to hear from her, and most unexpected, so I will wait to see if she sends me an e-mail when she gets home later today to catch up for coffee and the like.  Apparently she works with older adults in falls prevention.  This sounds really interesting and I would like to find out more from her.  She is a lovely lady who has helped me a lot with the changes in the Fitness Industry over the years. I guess you would call her a legend of the industry, in many ways.

Working with older adults also suits my lifestyle, as there are a few venerable oldies in the family due to Dad having so many brothers and sisters.

I was up early this morning catching some news from the UK and watching a bit of the second NFL game with Baltimore, I think it was.  Apparently the recent census in the UK found that half a million people are Polish speaking migrants who came to the UK mostly when Poland joined the EU.  So it seems Polish is the second language of England. 




Storm Energy

The wild winds and crashing waves brought on by the weather pattern formerly known as Tropical Cyclone Oswald have cleared the sky and the air.  This morning the sea was like glass, smooth and glistening in the early sun.  I felt full of energy and ready to face the world after we survived with only one tree uprooted, an awning bent right down and a few split green passionfruit litterning the garden.

Our electricity was off for about a day, mostly due to the two gum trees down the street that fell onto each other and the overhead electrical wires.  Today when I went past, the trees were neatly cut up into lengths and stacked at the fence of the house.

Many schools are closed today due to the extra high tides bringing water down to the CBD from northern areas affected by the weather event.  High tides are at midnight and midday.  By tomorrow things should have calmed down a bit as the weather pattern heads through New South Wales.

As we walked up the road this morning, I was kicking stray sticks from the gum trees that line the sides of the road.  I pushed them to the side so that people wouldn’t trip.  Later on I saw some school children pedalling up the footpath on their bicycles, on their way to the first day of school for the new year.

The people who installed our solar panels on the roof came back to check them.  They said they were looking for serial numbers, but I guess they were checking that the panels were still secure and undamaged.  I was mopping the floor at the time they came.  It was very nice of them to check back with us.



Cyclone Oswald is Visiting Us


We have closed the windows on the north side of the house, as the gusts of wind are quite strong and are blowing the water in through the windows.  The goldfish are in peril of floating out of the pond due to the deluge of rain which is much-needed and arriving all in a rush.

Reports in the paper are that the beaches are taking a pounding from the sea, unusual for a place which hardly ever experiences waves above 10 cm.  Our banana trees are waving frantically in the wind and our chickens have retreated to their roosts, out of the direct rain in their chicken coop.

We had news this morning that my Dad’s youngest brother died in England during the early evening of Saturday 26th January.  He had been in hospital a couple of months ago and went home to recuperate, but his condition worsenend.  Fortunately for me, I saw him in England in 2010 when I was allowed to visit the family on my way back from Sweden.  At the time, he seemed well and did not mention any major health conditions apart from those that often occur at his time of life.

Last night I was thinking of sitting at Aunty Olive’s kitchen table talking to my Uncle just like it was yesterday.  I feel so grateful that I was able to catch up with him a few times while I was there, and just chat about ordinary things.  His Uncle Alf, my Great-Uncle, is ninety-one and only recently stopped driving his car.  My Uncle was the youngest of ten children, including my father.

Yet, the family will gather round and we are all keeping in touch to celebrate his life and think kindly of him.  Dad remembers how he looked just when he was born in a tiny house where ten children were born and raised.  I remember how he looks just like a younger version of my Dad, except with curlier hair.


Australia Day 2013

Today is Australia Day.  After many weeks of hot, dry weather, we have been fortunate to experience a cool change with some light rain.  Further up the Queensland coast, however, the story is not so cheerful with cyclone Oswald bearing down to the area just north of us from Cairns.

Recent weather reports predict 100-150mm of rain in our area, just two years after major flooding throughout the region.  We have heard that the Wivenhoe dam has been opened to allow for a great influx of water, if required.  Most people seem to be staying at home instead of going out to bar-b-que some sausages for Australia Day.

Last night I watched Ita Buttrose receive the Australian of the Year award from Prime Minister Julia Gillard.  All the awards were very interesting, particularly the young Australian of the Year, Akram Azimi who is originally from Afghanistan.  Their work and influence on lives is very impressive.


The interview on ABC radio with Akram is a bit more relaxed than his very polished acceptance speech.


Teaching Rehearsal Underway

Yesterday morning I was talking to my Mum about a project I am doing.  It involves teaching a session to at least three people and having them fill in a feed-back form.  This might seem like a simple task, but not at first attempt.

Social media is hopeless for recruiting people as most people I know are only on the internet every second or third week.  Neighbours have their family events, like new born babies suddenly arriving.  Friends have “life” events like the sudden passing away of grandparents and others.

Surprisingly, by the afternoon there was a solution.  Kit had called to say that Jim was in an accident.  They had been driving home from a lunch with friends when he fell asleep and drove into a telegraph pole.  Mum took Kit to the hospital to see him, as she could not drive there.  While she was talking to Kit, Mum told her about my project.  Strangely enough, Kit and her granddaughter are waiting around for news of Jim’s operation on his ankles and would like to fill in some forms and take their minds off the accident.

Mum called me when I was on the bus, coming back from an appointment in the CBD.  I was stunned at how quickly things had fallen into place and shocked that Jim had to suffer so much just for falling asleep.

Jim needs plates in his ankles.  Another candidate for rehabilitation!!! I can see this being an opportunity born out of calamity!  He is a very social person, past president of the local Irish Club and active in the local Parish church.  He has also tirelessly certified the photocopies of my documents for job applications over the years.

25 January 2013

The rehearsal went well and I finally have my three feedback sheets and even some worksheets from the mini-lesson.  It was fun to do and I met Jacqui, Kit’s granddaughter.  Mum and I dropped Jacqui off at a local college and took Kit to her physiotherapy appointment afterwards.  They don’t have a car at the moment due to the accident and Kit doesn’t drive.  Jacqui did not renew her licence as she has been teaching overseas.

Yesterday evening I sent off my assignment papers by e-mail and this morning received acknowledgement from Romy.  I was so thankful to have finished that one!  I also sent off some other papers that I had been working ahead with, so this course is allmost finished.  Finishing the last paper is really something to which I look forward with great anticipation.


Writing Papers

I have a new goal, which is to write three papers for publication based on my thesis.  There are some co-authors who I hope to invite, to lend weight to my work.  They are my supervisors and associate supervisors.

Although I have been planning to do this for a while, I will now need to move quickly so that it is done before I start my next project.  Lately, I have been trying to make a start and work on a timeline for things that need to be written sooner rather than later.

The first paper is a summary of my results.  I have downloaded the template for submissions in Word format and will need to revise the reference style.

I think it’s more fun when there are co-authors.

In Monday’s “The Australian“, as I was reading it this morning, I noticed an article about journalism and writing even if there is nothing to say.  The character in the cartoon was saying that he wrote four times a day to earn his bread and butter.  That is a nice number for writing, which could be one blog, plus work on one article, plus an online course, plus other research notes.

25 January 2013

My Associate Supervisor e-mailed me to say that I should have three draft papers ready by the weekend so that we can discuss how to go forward with publication.  I am quite happy with this, as it shows that things are moving in the world of publication and writing.

26 January 2013

This weekend is the Australia Day long weekend.  That gives me three days to draft 3 outlines for 3 papers and send them to my supervisors.  It seems I have a proper meeting about my thesis on Tuesday afternoon.  The main take-home message from last Tuesday is that I must finish the thesis.



Talking to People

Lisa called today and we enjoyed a nice chat about finding work as a fitness professional.

If I had to say why I like to work in that field, it would be to share my experience and knowledge, help people gain confidence to improve their fitness and follow my dream of being a personal trainer.

Touch (rugby) football is an area where I really like to get out and referee and sometimes play in a team.  I also like walking, nutrition, stretching, basic sports massage, weight management, personal counselling and wellness coaching.

Although I have a fairly academic background already, I would like to complete the Diploma in Fitness which includes rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning coaching.  This would bring access to a new range of clients for me as a trainer, which is an asset for any gym.

Some of my best experiences include judging competitive aerobics at State and local level, training at a succession of really good gyms when I was working in the CBD, and taking up jogging so that I can run along the beach with the dog.

My main reason for starting fitness training was for relaxation and a break from work and study.  Fitness and sports can be great ways to wind down and meet people in a different environment from the everyday necessity of having a regular job or studying after hours to provide better service and knowledge in the workplace.

Later in the day Carissa called about the Open Day at her gym for Australia Day.  I asked her if she was looking for trainers and she said that she is.  I will visit her gym and take my resume to see what she thinks.