Not Videoing Today

I was able to set up the lights and help with the desk and chairs for the video at work today but left the lavaliere microphone behind. Miyhun left behind a mount for her camera, so we set up the room and left it for tomorrow. Fridays are dress down day, so not always the best for videos, but hopefully it will work out OK.

It is quite warm during the day now and lighter for longer, so people are arriving earlier and the traffic has evened out a bit both coming in to the city and returning home. I guess the gyms are busier as people do their workouts in the mornings, shower and head in to work while also commuting in the early morning traffic.

The news has bits of information about preparation for the G20 summit in the CBD. I don’t expect to be impacted, but remembered that I am going in to town for a breakfast workshop on Friday week, which might be around the time that security is higher and areas will be blocked off. I suppose I will soon find out.


Wednesday at Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIQ)

This morning I had a business breakfast workshop at 7:00 am on Wickham Terrace at the CCIQ. Before that I went to gym half an hour early to do my work out with Eli. We did legs in the big gym downstairs. He managed to put in a lot of dynamic stretching and I hardly had to stretch afterwards, giving me time to shower and head off to the breakfast.

I arrived a little late, but had emailed yesterday to say I would be late. The session was on a Digital Marketing strategy with Simon Dell from Twocents Group. It was a great session, packed full of information and ideas. As I had paid ahead for my parking spot, I had to dash away at the end to get to work at a reasonable hour.

At work we had a birthday morning tea for Danny. I bought humus and a cheese and chives dip at Woolworths on the way. Kelly, Miyhun and Liddy loved the cheese and my dip. Danny had a card and we also had a chocolate cake for him.

After early PT and a great PD session, my day was disrupted but in a nice way. I decided to have an early night instead of attending choir practice, as I have had a couple of really busy weeks and weekends. Tomorrow I want to shoot videos with Miyhun so I need a good night’s sleep.


Tuesday with J

I was up early and made a tomato sauce base and some pasta that I could pack in the fridge for Mum and me to have at our various lunch times. It was quick and easy to make with the prepared tomato sauce and chopped tomatoes that you can buy nowadays.

This morning I expected people to be in at work early and I wanted to help out my colleague who finds it difficult to work from 8:00 am to 9:30 am with students who arrive 1 ½ hours before we accept appointments. So I arrived in time to whisk the student off for coffee at the Coffee Club. We had a lovely chat in the open air part of the seating and tables and enjoyed a cappuccino before returning across the road to the tutorial room.

My day was fairly normal and at the end I was going to do an assessment, but my connection did not work out. After dinner, I sent my files to my trainer in the hope that I can upload them when my access to the website is permitted. Then I can do the testing tomorrow.


Monday Thunderstorms Looming

It was a 38 Celsius day today, although at work it did not seem too hot. I went outside around 2pm and in the shade and breeze under the trees on the corner opposite work it was fairly pleasant. I remembered that training on Wednesday morning will clash with the breakfast I am going to in the city and stepped outside to message my trainer.

Dad called Uncle Eric, who is celebrating his 89th birthday today in England. Although he is in general good spirits, his health is not the best as he has had a slow type of cancer that is being treated but is progressing through his body. It is amazing to think that Dad and Uncle Eric can speak to each other as they do but it must be sad for Dad that he can’t just hop on a plane to visit Uncle Eric.

Max is sitting close to the back door because the thunder is rolling around our way. It is raining a little on the tin roof of the chicken hut, my favourite sound. We let him in to the laundry when the thunder is louder, as it helps him to feel safe when he is in the house. Normally he is always outside, in the shed or following Dad around.

I like to be tucked up in bed when there is a storm at night as I feel safe and secure indoors and the sound of the rain is somehow comforting when it is outside and I am indoors.


Cantoring 2

Today was my second episode of Cantoring for the 9 am Mass. Joe arrived from Mary Queen of Peace 7:30 am Mass and offered to help. After graciously ceding Cantoring responsibilities to him, he demurred time and time again, so I was actually IT. Things were not too bad, as it turned out. The slides worked fine. I just missed a bridge after the second verse of one Hymn.

Priscilla, Len and Louis also arrived, so we had quite a substantial group. The microphones were turned down a bit, too, which also helped as we blended in with the congregation more. Dom gave his report on the Youth Connect Mass with the Archbishop presiding. That was yesterday. Apparently it went well, but Dom seemed a bit subdued. He was probably tired after organising a large group of children for a large part of the afternoon and early evening.

At home I managed to write and research my way to a substantial paper. I will check the conference requirements for the VET conference and see whether it will be suitable. At least it will give me practice at submitting a paper for consideration.

I had hoped to upload an assessment for my language, literacy and numeracy subject, but ran out of time. In the afternoon, I helped Mum with grocery shopping, so at least I was out and about a bit today. I will be able to change the online assessment to Tuesday instead of Monday due to catching up with the one I didn’t upload today.


Saturday at Kippa

In the morning I managed to do the floors, some washing and general tidying up in record time. I also washed my hair and put a masque on the hair to protect it so that I can straighten it tomorrow when it is well and truly dry and protected.

Tim decided to sort out the football association account again, so we arranged to be at the Enquiry desk at the bank on Saturday morning, first thing. There was a line up outside, but no sign of Tim at the time we agreed to be there. It gave me time to duck in to Coles, as they had a special of 30% off ladies tops. Then I returned to the bank to join the queue. When the doors were released I went in and sat at the desk while the teller who offered to help me moved to the next person for a lengthy consultation.

Eventually Tim arrived and we waited another twenty minutes for the teller to be free to help us. It was apparently a technical matter that confuses staff as much as customers. Apparently Tim called the form he received by the name of another form, which made it more complicated. So now that has been sorted out and I hope there won’t be other issues for quite a while.

I checked out a couple of people’s profiles on the internet being my PT, Eli, and someone launching a new fitness monitoring device. The internet gives us many good reasons to present a professional image, with a lot of scope for improvement, I think.

The rest of the day I blitzed a paper on which I was working, although there is a ways to go yet. There is a conference on Adult and Vocational Education coming up that I would like to attend to present a paper. Hopefully this one will be at a high enough standard. Although I feel that my research skills are improving, I can see that it takes a lot of dedication and ongoing work to hone those skills. If only I could apply myself to resistance training in the same way, I would be staving off the effects of all that sedentary research.



Friday Running Late

This morning everyone decided to get up at the same time. It was crowded in the hallway when it is normally quiet with only me. Mum went in the shower two hours earlier than normal. I kept remembering things to take with me to work.

I messaged Eli to let him know that I would be late. When I was at the gym on the treadmill, he arrived. He said he hadn’t read his messages. I didn’t believe him. He mentioned something about a boxing gym where he spars on Saturdays. Then he said that one morning we might do some boxing. He would bring some gloves and things. That’s something to look forward to. I did a short boxing course as part of my PT training, so maybe I know one thing about boxing already. Anyway, I had a great workout and was happy to go to work after that.

It was a busy day at work and in the afternoon I realised that tidying up my desk left me with no food for students who sit for several hours to study with us and forget their lunch. I went across to Woollies and bought some Chai tea, cracker biscuits, cup of soup packets, oaty slice bars and coconut and nougat bites. Hopefully someone will like that. If not, my colleagues will be happy to help eat them.