Seven hours ahead of Helsinki

My time zone is 7 hours ahead of Vantaa, where the girls are officiating in WWC2013.  That means that a 4pm game is shown on the internet at 11pm our time, and an 8pm game is at 3am.  At least the updated on social media are coming in thick and fast, so there are lots of photographs and other types of news.

I could tell that the officiating crews were focussed, as I slept really well last night and only woke before the 3am game in time to decide whether to wake up the household or not.  I think I have more chances of watching the next game day, although I should have tested it last night, to be sure.

On Wednesday this week, I hope to meet my supervisors about my thesis progress, as I need to sort out where I stand for next Semester.  They probably want me to keep the PhD enrolment as an option, with part-time study for Semester 2 of this year.  In any case, I am completing my counselling course part-time, so it’s not as if I will be short of things to do.

This morning I discovered that Helsinki is a bit like Toronto, I think it is, with part of the city underground, especially heating plants.  Although Helsinki looks very open to the wind and snow in Winter, having swimming pools and bicycle paths underground adds a whole new dimension.

Oh, well, I suppose I had better return to my coding exercise while working out how to explain the huge impact of the results on my thesis!


Organisational psychology

I had a new understanding in my thesis final chapter related to the importance of psychology in organisations.  I’m not really sure what psychology is, given that it seems to be a way of working with philosophical concepts in a business environment.  My training is more along the lines of semiotics and decoding philosophy.

At least I can see my way clear to making up two full days of writing a week, with a focus on finishing the thesis by the end of this month.  Zina messaged me on fb about coffee with the girls.  They are my first thesis-support coffee group, so that would be perfect.  I love catching up over coffee!!

Coffee groups are the best type of organisation, from my point of view.  Flexible, adaptable, full of ideas and news, occasional and able to be copied with different personnel.  Perfect!

Meanwhile, I have uploaded a content management system to the server for my website, after hours and hours of keeping the web page open while it installed.  The instructional information is clear and easy to find and it seems very user-friendly. 

There is a link between types of organisation and website domain names, which is relevant to my role as webmaster for a sporting officials organisation.  I am trying to find out the details of audit requirements and having a registered incorporated entity as the governance structure.  Personally, I prefer not-for profit with ability to receive tax-deductible donations.

It is not easy to find out about the officials organisation, as there are changes in the State and national registration systems.  It seems there is more of a centralised system now.  Oh well, it gives me something to do in between writing.  Optimising the search engines on the government web site is obviously not a priority in the business registration area.







Web sites

On Thursday I looked up a well known web hosting company to check the information about hosting a web site.  I had made enquiries a while ago and had also received a good offer from them which I was able to activate.

This type of hosting service has interested me for a year or two now, so I thought the time is right to do something about it.  It was even mentioned in the webinar I attended on tailoring one’s job search to the specific industry.

Everything takes time to be updated through the internet, but I seem to have the best approach now.  My account manager is Miles and he sent some links to helpful videos.  I used Skype to telephone the company and found it worked really well this time.

Despite all the excitement of going back to web site design, I realised that the next three weeks are going to be extremely busy with writing assignments.  My discussion chapter absolutely has to be done and I have a lot of things to take out of my thesis.  I have my last assignment for Semester 1 in counselling well underway and some small assignments for TAFE. 

To make this manageable, I am trying to keep my Sundays free.  This should make it easier to focus and work properly during the rest of the week.  Saturdays are usually for tidying up and Mondays are often washing days.

So Max and I had a quick run this morning.  The Sunday paper turned up on the front lawn even though we have cancelled the subscription.  There was a big cover page invitation to join a fun run of 5 or 10km to raise money for cancer research, I think it was.

That’s a nice thought….


Search for the counter narrative

As usual, I am up early, about half an hour before dawn, making coffee and catching up on the news.  This time, it is not fb and e-mail, but the American news.  It’s all about Boston.

We sat enthralled yesterday as the drama unfolded and Boston was in lock-down.  The evening news had the updates.  In the morning, our time, early evening in Boston, the analysis was well underway.

It was the strangest thing.  In between going out for a jog with Max and my normal routine, all of a sudden my little world was part of the bigger picture.  Jogging, watching inspiring Nike videos online, watching the Junior Nationals Gridiron Championship online, catching up on assignments… it’s all part of my information net that suddenly grew very large.

It seems the bombing was part of an initiation rite for a Caucasian-related group.  The separate bombs were the signatures of two separate would-be initiates.  The cost of study without scholarship and family support led them to want athletic scholarships in wrestling…. The prestige of Harvard beckoned.  Being an unrecognised minority did not help if there was an FBI record of past activities.

Is my thesis really on international students?  Am I really studying career counselling? Do I really go to my Certificate IV in Mental Health classes on Fridays?  How can this be?  There seems to be an “altro polo”.  The academic as against the chaotic and watching a movie last night with Dan Akroyd in “Ghost Busters” seemed all so relevant.  Even the 1980s hair on Sigourney Weaver seemed somehow appropriate.

Too much connection for one day….


Writing Papers

I have a new goal, which is to write three papers for publication based on my thesis.  There are some co-authors who I hope to invite, to lend weight to my work.  They are my supervisors and associate supervisors.

Although I have been planning to do this for a while, I will now need to move quickly so that it is done before I start my next project.  Lately, I have been trying to make a start and work on a timeline for things that need to be written sooner rather than later.

The first paper is a summary of my results.  I have downloaded the template for submissions in Word format and will need to revise the reference style.

I think it’s more fun when there are co-authors.

In Monday’s “The Australian“, as I was reading it this morning, I noticed an article about journalism and writing even if there is nothing to say.  The character in the cartoon was saying that he wrote four times a day to earn his bread and butter.  That is a nice number for writing, which could be one blog, plus work on one article, plus an online course, plus other research notes.

25 January 2013

My Associate Supervisor e-mailed me to say that I should have three draft papers ready by the weekend so that we can discuss how to go forward with publication.  I am quite happy with this, as it shows that things are moving in the world of publication and writing.

26 January 2013

This weekend is the Australia Day long weekend.  That gives me three days to draft 3 outlines for 3 papers and send them to my supervisors.  It seems I have a proper meeting about my thesis on Tuesday afternoon.  The main take-home message from last Tuesday is that I must finish the thesis.