Cardiac transplant

I am researching cardiac transplant to produce a PowerPoint presentation and report.  It is very interesting, but I have to limit myself to just the readings for the topic or I would be writing a book and not a report.

It is a lot of fun finding videos and medical information on the internet, so I work on it when I can and take a break to process the mental effort for understanding it.  Today I was chatting to Seamus about the first assignment and we were still talking half an hour later.  He has plans for being very professional in his personal training business, which is great to hear.

We were discussing what kind of training we have been doing and where we would like to go.  Seamus told me about his professional library, which is something I hadn’t thought about for PT, as teaching has been the main focus for my book searches.  I had been reading in the local paper about the walking track at Woody Point where there is a check-in system for smartphones.  I’ll have to check it out, as I love that area as a venue for PT and have often thought of leaving flyers at the cafe on the waterfront.

Our discussion was really to help Seamus decide whether he wanted to go to classes in the afternoon.  Josh is another person who has to cover four extra topics with Seamus, me and someone else.  He wasn’t in, though.  I expect a lot of people are working from home on their assignments.

I came away from college this morning with lots of ideas, which set me off on housecleaning and bringing in the washing so I could think about it all.  It’s all very serious, working with cardiac transplant clients and medical teams, so I am glad that the supporting information is out there just waiting to be put together to help people.



Making scones

Sunday mornings is peak scone- making time in our kitchen.  This morning, Mum repeated the recipe to me a couple of times and said, “Get on with it!”.  So, I did.

Without thinking too much, I managed to leave out the sugar, sift the flour and change the ratio of cream to milk.  Apart from that, the recipe was pretty much what she had told me.  The dough started out fluffy but ended up a bit like a batter with the addition of extra milk to bring in the stray bits of flour at the bottom of the mixing bowl.  I mixed it with an ordinary knife.

The deviation from her recipe was too much for Mum, who took command and rolled the scones out on the bench top herself.  We ended up with eight instead of six, but that was OK.

After a quarter of an hour or so, they were fine!  Eight little scones rose perfectly and looked better than “shop bought” ones.  Mum was happy.  Dad was happy.  I found them a bit filling and could have just had one instead of two.

So now on Sunday mornings I will no doubt be perfecting my recipe while Mum sleeps in, all safe and warm in her bed.

The scones will be rising, all safe and warm in the oven, and I will be busy setting the table for Sunday morning breakfast with coffee.



Smiley stamps

Yesterday my mission was to find a smiley stamp.  It is part of my teacher tool kit.  I am also looking for a dinosaur stamp.  They are not plentiful in the neighbourhood shops, despite the fact that there are at least six schools between my house and the local stationery shops.  Eventually, I found my smiley stamp and was surprised to find that it is manufactured in Japan.

It was also a week of sorting out some of my studies.  I walked around the campus where I am studying Fitness, including the large oval and children’s services departments.  The library really is the hub of the campus, with lots of  people coming through and the information technology support people on hand.

I was delighted on Tuesday to receive a phone call from Holly saying that my textbook has arrived.  On Wednesday I collected it from the textbook warehouse shop.  It might be a small campus and the bookshop is tiny, but the staff make all the difference.  The text is from the American College of Sports Medicine and very relevant and interesting.

I worked on a cheat sheet for Harvard AGPS referencing style on Wednesday night, which I found helpful for my own assignments, and sent it to my lecturer but did not present it in class.  Instead we went to the library and a librarian helped us to work through the details.

During that class, I set up my PowerPoint presentation and Report quite quickly, using a spreadsheet with  hyperlinks to my USB drive for images, web pages and pdf files.  Since I have been doing it at a snail’s pace for my thesis, I was very surprised to move to warp speed for my Diploma assessment.

Although I haven’t focussed much on building a brand or marketting, my Monday classes are about that sort of thing.  This week I picked up a new customer for Avon, bringing my total to four, with only one ordering each campaign.  I am keeping track of all my incomings and outgoings, so I will try to run my Avon orders as a business instead of just for friends.  For this, I am investigating invoicing options.  I think my order total will be around $50 for this three week period, and the costs of processing it will be greater than any profits, if I make any profit at all.  Anyway, it will be a good way to ease into record keeping and BAS reporting.

It will also be a good way to test my skills in book keeping for my fitness training work, assuming that I complete and pass my course by the end of November this year.  I really look forward to having that sorted out and the journey to fulfilling my goal is lots of fun.


Local clubs and associations

Although I officiate football and am quite busy as a member of the local officiating association at State and National levels, I have decided to branch out.  I like singing in the local music ministry at our church, and hope to be free to attend practice shortly.

Now it is time for me to be a member of different groups and the ones that appeal to me are the local yacht club and a political party.  I would also like to join the golf club and will ask Dad to look around at garage sales for a set of clubs. 

What seems to help is that I aim to learn specific skills that I need, but don’t usually use on a daily basis.  These include: (a) keeping financial records in a bit more detail than a manilla envelope full of receipts; (b) keeping track of dates and kilometres for events and due dates; (c) getting back to my active self with some added thinking, instead of just rushing off to burn some energy because I can; (d) following up on conversations; and (e) helping other people to talk about their concerns.

Somehow, it helps to build up some intentions, keep track and keep records.  I have been good at shopping-list style to do lists, but it is time to move to something more detailed. 

Thankfully, my lecturers in the Fitness Diploma are great role models at this so I am off to a terrific start.


Fitness studies

This week I started my fitness course which includes working with medical and allied health professionals.  Somehow I felt that it was the right thing to do and was able to switch my focus to sorting out my enrolment this week.  It was amazing really, as Wendy, Mary, Leighton, Geraldine and Annabelle were really helpful towards me and all the other confused new starters.

There is some practicum work, so I need to change my status to student for a few weeks so that I can teach clients in the gym and do some work experience with people who are managed by clinicians.  It sounds really exciting and is a great opportunity for the College to build its brand and put forward some of its great students. 

I also have a 100 hours of supervised work with Year One students to arrange, so I checked in with Student Services to find out the best way to approach it.  Annabelle provided guidance about how to sort it out and I was really glad to find a way to take the next step with the Early Childhood part of my studies.

Dad has been tidying up the back garden and it is now incredibly tidy.  Our tree with small purple flowers has gone as has the jasmine, which was really overgrown.  All the edges are trimmed and the overhanging branches from next door cut back.  He has been very busy.

Mum’s vegetable garden is in good shape again and we have strawberries ripening in the main beds.  The grapefruit tree in the chicken run has very big grapefruit again which I like to have at breakfast with some honey.  The chickens have been eating grass and garden clippings so their egg yolks are lovely and yellow.  They even started laying again this week on the very same day that Peter’s chickens started laying again.  It must be early Spring weather, the kind we get before mid-August when the last of the Winter South Westerly winds bring us the cold again.

I hope to use my new business subject on Monday to help with a business plan for our sports officials’ organisation.  Miles is doing all the work and I hope to be able to add to it, or use another example for my assignment.  It will be about risk management and legal aspects of a small business.  Somehow, I don’t think our organisation is a business, much as we might like to think that we are professional service providers.

Thanks to the garden vegetables, our organic chicken eggs and the fitness studies, I have been making salads and taking an interest in preparing food.  This week I have also tried to look like a personal trainer and act professionally while I am at college.  There is a fair bit of preparation and research to do, which is really interesting due to the abundant resources on the internet and in the library.

Just one Semester and I will be on a new fitness journey, helping people with chronic medical conditions to improve their health and manage their illnesses.  That is something to which I really look forward.




Diploma in Fitness

Today I start my Diploma of Fitness at a local TAFE college, which is a follow-on from my Certificate IV.  I need to be there early to sort out my enrolment, which I discussed with Mary E-B. on Monday.  Wenday W. sent me the forms and I checked some subject compatibilities online yesterday.

As I am on call for supply teaching, I am ready to go from TAFE to school without too many problems except maybe distance and time.  That should be easy to sort out.  Yesterday a principal called me about six weeks of teaching at the end of Term which he is re-advertising, so I hope that works out.

This is great experience for me with my interests in career counselling, so I look forward to sorting it out and starting as soon as possible.


Back to Saturday sports

One thing about sports on Saturday is the way it motivates me to organise my week so that I am ready to go out.  Take last weekend, for example.

I cooked my oat and raspberry slice the day before so that I had something to eat between games.  My officiating uniform with hat, shoes and belt was ready.  I just needed to iron the shirt and pants.  The other equipment was in my bag.

Although it has been a while since I packed my bag, it was easy to sort out a change of clothes and everything else.  Of course, I had to have breakfast and pack my lunch box.  It was surprising how quickly I was ready to go.

The drive to the Gold Coast was very smooth.  I might have taken the first turn off instead of the second, but I soon found my way back on track.  It was a fine Winter’s morning, much like Spring, with no sign of rain.

At the sports ground and in the local area it was a hive of activitiy.  There was a tennis tournament, netball fixtures, visiting athletes, and lots of parked cars nearby.  In the centre, though, there was plenty of parking.

There were two visiting officials from overseas, Al senior and his son Al junior.  There were also five international teams and an Australian Future Stars team with almost fifty players.  We had three games scheduled from 10am to 5pm.  My games were the middle and final, which included the Down Under Bowl’s 25th Anniversary game.  Australia doesn’t usually field a team in the Down Under Bowl, but this year it did.  Although they did not score a point, it was a very well-played game.

Chris P. was there, as his son organises the whole event, which includes visiting athletes in several sports.  It was great to catch up with him again.  Jesse W. who is now signed to a NFL team also visited and some of the officials had a photo taken with him.  It must have been five years ago or more that he was playing gridiron football in Queensland.

The games were awesome.  I had a great time and eventually got back into game mode, as it has been a few months since I was officiating on the field.  I didn’t do the Level 1 training session, as I have sat in on it so many times I probably know it backwards by now.  So that meant I did not catch up with anyone. 

We had a quick AGM meeting, as that was the only time we could manage a quorum.  Tim brought copies of the reports and the Executive was pretty well re-elected with a replacement for Clyde, who moved to Western Australia last year.

It was a great day.  The players seemed to really enjoy themselves and by the end of the last game, I felt as if I was back to thinking about football rules again, at least on Saturdays.

The experiences of the week, of having a day teaching Special Needs children and officiating on Saturday encouraged me to pursue my dream of completing my Diploma in Fitness.  On Monday I went in to the college to sort out my enrolment, as I had been enquiring about it before.

By the afternoon I had sorted out the pre-requisites and mapped the competencies from my previous studies across to the newly approved course.  Next item on my agenda is the not-for profit business plan for our executive committee of officials.  I can do that as part of my studies.