Thursday and Matthew Went Home Again

After staying in the spare room overnight, Matthew slept in this morning. Dad still took him in a cup of tea, just to be awkward. I tried to be quiet and Matthew seemed to sleep through it all. After I had left for work Mum and Matthew went through all the presents and packed them in his car, so he was Santa’s little helper this time.

My leg muscles started to be a little bit sore today, as I knew they would. It goes to show how proper stretching really does work. Not stretching is literally a pain. I texted Eli to see if I could have a day off tomorrow but he always has upper body for me the next session, so I am not in luck.

The slides for Sunday came through from Joe. It is the Filipino choir this week and he has everything ready. I won’t have time to sort the slides out until Saturday morning. He will have sent them in anyway as he prepares them for two other masses each week.

Mum says she put on a kilo over Christmas. I think I lost half a kilo from all the heat. So I lost it and she found it, I guess! A few of us at work have some work to do to get back on track with moving more and healthy eating. I will have to prepare a presentation or some kind of activity, I think.


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