More Plans

Yesterday we heard about the exciting new plans for work and the second half of that meeting was today. The best part is working from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm starting from February. That means we can avoid most of the city traffic in the afternoons, and people catching public transport will be able to enjoy less crowded trains and buses.

We are being encouraged to link up with businesses, so I am keen to offer my services at the local gym where I go every week. That will count as PD and I should be able to volunteer there for two days or so and work on some kind of small project. I think that would be great fun, so I will have to as my PT tomorrow.

My Sports Trainer and Sports First Aid certificates arrived in the mail today with the marked workbook. The membership certificate for Sports Medicine arrived on Christmas Eve. It carries insurance with it, which is a big feature for people working in the field.

It is a good thing I am going in to work early tomorrow, as the traffic has been building up already. Soon I will need drive to the train station and catch the train in, particularly if we have cyclones in the next couple of months. We are all keeping up to date on the weather forecast to avoid more hail damage and being caught out in the afternoon storms.


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