Sunday before going back to work

The few times that I drove in to the city while on holidays were very relaxing because I had my vacation view of the world on. This morning I woke up realising that I had a whole day ahead of me and at the same time that it is the last day of annual leave for me. My sleep-in was only an hour, until 5:30 am, when I had a cappuccino and watched some US College football while scanning literature for my research field. There were a few notable items which I added to my reading list.

Music Ministry went well, as Joe and Marieta were there. Joe took over the flicker for the Power Point slides, which made it a lot easier for me. Len, Jean, Fred and Therese were also there. I chatted with Lynne who is back from Canada where she visited her family and went to a family funeral. It was Father Isidore’s last day with us before he goes back to Nigeria for four weeks’ holiday and then comes back to Noosa parish for his next posting. Father Bryan has already been introduced to the parishioners, but some of us have yet to meet him.

Today I did a bit of washing, researched for a while and went with Mum to Coles and Aldi’s. All through the four weeks of holidays we did not go to North Lakes shopping centre, which is very unusual for us. It is air-conditioned and large enough for walking a long way, but we stayed with our local shops for a change. It must be because of the holidays.




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