Thursday New Year’s Day 2015

Happy New Year to my family and friends! Today was a day of perfect Summer weather and a fair breeze that kept us cool in the shade today. I love having some work space on my desk. It gives me room to plan the year ahead. I have a home diary and a work diary.

To help with my language, literacy and numeracy certification, I made a mentoring appointment with my trainer. She responded, even though it is a public holiday and we arrange to chat on Friday morning. That’s my first appointment to put in my diary.

Mum’s truly delightful trifle was a hit on New Year’s Eve for desert yesterday, so much so that we had some more today. She used the Weber bar-b-que to cook a very fragrant lamb roast which was a perfect finish to our New Year’s celebrations.

In the afternoon, I tackled my financial records, as my tax return is late. It is not a massive job normally but this last year has been crazy with my new job and managing my iron and Vitamin D deficiency. I have noticed a really positive change with my research, too, as I feel more confident about addressing the areas of my thesis that require further updates, at last.


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