Friday of Holiday Week 4

The last week day of my holidays went well. Using my trusty home diary, I booked a mentoring session with my online trainer for my updating in language, literacy and numeracy. Sue is really helpful and professional and we used up 50 minutes in helping me to orient myself to the Australian Core Skills Framework again. It worked really well and I put together a suite of documents for my report.

I have been listening to Taylor Swift’s “1989” and some Cold Play to help me to focus on my research. It seems to help as I have made progress in a few things, like sorting my documents, files, accounts and the like. On Monday I will be back at work to find out what the New Year will bring.

Mum was in pain today due to passing a kidney stone. She made an appointment to see the doctor as soon as the surgery opened and went late in the morning. I remembered that the doctor has wanted me to visit to check my skin for dark freckles. I rang just before Mum was due to go up there and they managed to squeeze me in this afternoon. Now I have a few biopsy appointments. I also requested a script for my blood tests to check my Vitamin D and Iron levels. On the way out, I made my biopsy appointment and then went next door to Pathology.

So much for wearing shorts during the week. Next week I will be back to business attire and exercise gear.


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