Wednesday New Year’s Eve 2014

I love New Year’s Eve. We are wrapping the Pfefferkuchen for Peter and my nieces and nephew. Mum and Dad look forward to a huge sleep in the middle of the day. I am researching and writing and sorting out my studies and the calendar for 2015.

This weather is made for drying the washing, so I put through a few loads of my gentle-cycle clothes and they were pretty well dry in half an hour after hanging them out under the car port. Meanwhile, I continued my research into the research culture surrounding some of the methods and approaches I brought to my thesis. This helps to work out how things sit and to build up the final discussion chapter or knock it into shape with some relevant contextual observations.

I went on the vibration plate for 10 minutes in between the washing and researching. My strategy for keeping cool as the temperature climbs to 36 Celsius is to have three wet flannels near both my fans and my desk, spray myself with plain water with a couple of drops of peppermint oil in it and wash my face every now and then. It seems to work well.

As it is holiday time, I watched the Entertainment channel while having my pea and ham soup for lunch. It helps Mum and Dad to sleep at lunch time if I am at the other end of the house when they are in their bedroom resting. The it was back to work in the holiday spirit and looking forward to 2015. I just know it is going to be a great year!


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