Tuesday of Holiday Week 4

It was a perfect day for going shopping in the middle of the day to buy frozen vegetables, cold milk and lots of other things. When I saw the list on the fridge door, I knew without a doubt that we would be at the shops with crowds of holidaying children, their mothers and retired people.

In the morning I continued research and writing, making good progress with the systems I had set up on Monday. Although my pace is slow, I am making every effort to check as I go. The best part is having a clear desk to do what is required.

Max and Dad were out walking early, giving me time to focus on my writing. With a second cup of coffee to keep me going at mid-morning, I was thinking a fair bit but not using time in between very productively. By that I mean that my filing and tidying up is at a standstill today. I will have to take that up again tomorrow.

By midday, just before lunch time, Mum was champing at the bit to go out. We spent an hour or two driving to the butcher at Rothwell, Coles at Kippa ring and then Aldi’s up the road from there. Mum had to go to the bank as well, which was really well air conditioned.

At home she had me making a trifle and then taking the frozen pizza out for tea. I find that frozen pizzas are pretty plain and not very flavoursome if they are just cooked the way they come in the packet. We usually have chips at least every second night and pizza once a week, with a lovely big salad. I love vegetables.


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