Monday of Holiday Week 4

Surprise! Surprise! Today was a day of major writing effort. I transferred 1,500 or so files to my updated bibliographic software, found the gap in my thesis that is parallel to my topic, discovered parallel distributive processing and language learning, paddled in connectionism and generally made lots of progress. The updated thesis template seems to work well, although I have not yet tried linking it to my data in the Excel files.

To break the thrall of sitting at my desk in the gentle breeze created by two fans and serenaded by the most tuneful of Magpies in all of Queensland, I used the vibration platform. That is our gem from a garage sale that even Mum and Dad use whenever they think of it. It works quite well for me as a way to get the circulation going. I use the 35 setting for 10 minutes and then P1 program for 10 minutes. This I managed twice – morning and at midday. In the late afternoon Max and I went for a stroll down to the park while a thunderstorm was skirting around the perimeter of our city, bringing some beautiful rain later in the evening.

This is the last week of my holidays. Eli agreed to giving me some time off but expects me to turn up in the New Year, ready for resistance training…. It is nice to have a break from training to try the life-style changes that will keep some of my fitness on track during the holidays.

So it’s back to my change log and table of responses to the feedback from the reviewers….


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