Sunday of Holiday Week 4

Today we had Pfefferkuchen all baked and ready for Peter, Matthew, Tanya, Tegan and Mikayla. Mum packed them into containers while I was at Mass with the Music Ministry. She also cut the bone out of the Christmas ham and set the pot on the stove for pea and ham soup, perfect for the cool change we are having for the second day in a row.

Although my room is only half-way to tidied up it is miraculously clear and way tidier than before, so I have no excuse for holding back on my studies. There is the Language, Literacy and Numeracy subject and my research to write up and send off. I have such a busy week ahead that I asked my PT for a week off. I will have to do my own gym and cardio with Max for a week and then work out what is happening in 2015.

This week is going to be crazy for study and getting over some major hurdles from the change to working in the vocational education sector, doing a lot of online learning in my own time and regaining some biomechanical functions that had been in abeyance due to sitting a lot with work, travel and study.

I have loved the way that work has sent the trainers, including me, to Gympie, Kingaroy, Redcliffe and Loganholme just before the holidays to give us a nice change from our routines before going home for the holidays. It has been like having a longer holiday with time away from home and we still managed to do our usual Christmas things at home with the family. Going back to work will be like a fresh start. I really look forward to it.

In the meantime, I enrolled for the final three units of my Masters in Education for 2015. They include research methods, teaching children with autism and leadership in organisations. I think those will be relevant to the vocational sector as well as schools and university, so that will suit me well. It is hard to believe that I have come so far with my studies, and there is just a little way to go before it is completed.


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