Saturday of Holiday Week 3

It was 25 Celsius today but the cool weather only started in the early morning before dawn. Then the light rain started and it was the perfect excuse for the longest sleep-in of my holidays, until 8:30 am. It must have been a big day yesterday. It was also perfect weather for Pfefferkuchen so Mum started rolling out her biscuit dough very early and soon had lots and lots of Pfefferkuchen cooling on the table where she does the icing and dipping the tops in sprinkles.

Baking them took pretty well all day and made the house smell of Pfefferkuchen for hours. That is our Christmas smell when the Pfefferkuchen are baking. Mum had a pain in her neck from leaning forward over the table after a few hours, so I had to massage her neck to keep her going. Before 5 pm all the biscuits were iced and decorated. I also did some quality control and tested three of them. They are brilliant, as usual.

Peter rang today as they are back from Taree. I am not sure when he will come to collect the Christmas presents for the children, so they are all still under our tree. As we put them there only a few days ago, it is quite festive to have them still waiting for Peter to arrive.

So the drama of lost Gewurze, making a custom mix of spice using the ones sent from Melbourne as a base, and waiting for days for the shipment from Melbourne all worked out in the end. I think next year we will order the spices a couple of months in advance and plan the baking based on the weather report.


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