Wednesday of Holiday Week 3

Today was all about wrapping presents and preparing for the Carols and Mass tonight. Mum cooked a ham and made a potato salad for tonight. Our Christmas tree is looking beautiful and it has lots of presents underneath now for Peter’s family and the children.

Dad took it easy a bit today, too, instead of working in the garden and on the house.

The main job today was to find the black folder for my music, as the Music Ministry will be decked out in black and white with black music folders. Last year we had multi-coloured folders. The other main job was wrapping the presents. We had to check the spelling of the names and the ages. Matthew provided the details as they were going to Taree in New South Wales. There are nine children aged 10 months to 11 years as well as Matthew, Mikayla, Tegan, Tanya, Lynda and Peter. Then there are Steve, DJ and Mikayla’s partner.

We expect that Peter will come to collect the presents and take them back to his place. That makes it easier for Mum as she doesn’t have to worry about lunch when they arrive. Lynda and the girls usually bring a picnic lunch with eskies full of salads and chicken pieces.


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