Tuesday Holiday Week 3

Tonight is choir practice for the Carols Festival and the Christmas mass. In the meantime we waited for the gingerbread spice to arrive from the Gewurzhaus in Melbourne. Finally, it arrived after Mum had made a batch of fruit mince pies.

Then we had to work out the difference between their spices and the one we normally have shipped from Germany. The Australian version had 5 spices and the German one had 9. There were no proportions for the Australian one, but Mum had a recipe for the 9 spices from the internet. It was in kitchen measurements of tablespoons and teaspoons. So I converted the recipe to grams and worked out how much of the extra spices would need to be added to the 5 spice mixture. We did have the extra five spices separately in little spice bottles.

Mum was not convinced that her biscuit recipe could be approximated from the information that we had. I was a bit more positive thinking it was better to try than not to bother at all. With the addition of the extra spices we now had 70 grams of the mixture with as many spices as in the German blend. The blend’s bottle said 2 tablespoons into the mixture. Mum really needed to know how much mixture takes the 2 tablespoons so she rang up the Gewurzhaus people in Melbourne twice until she found the answer, which was 500 gm.

From there on in, it was a matter of trying the spices and checking a lot to see how the spice was working its way through the biscuit mixture. It normally sits for 2-3 days. Mum was feeling a lot better and is really keen that the biscuits pass the taste test for my brother and his family.

After all that drama, choir practice was a breeze. We are as ready as we can be for Christmas Eve Mass tomorrow. It’s all go from now on with a marathon of present wrapping and singing ahead of me!


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