Monday Holiday Week 3

This week the focus is on writing my thesis. I went in to PT and had a really good workout. Then I did some Christmas shopping, finding some nice presents for Mum. I picked up a couple of things for my work wardrobe at the pre-Christmas sales as well. I now have no-iron basic black pants, a skirt and a couple of white blouses. They will also be great basics for choir.

I have been rehearsing the soprano line for “Star Child” following along with the .wav file that Alex uploaded to dropbox. Mark mentioned it at Mass on Sunday so I found the files and have been playing them for practice. It would be better to put them on my phone. Then I could listen in the train and program myself at night when I sleep.

Mum and I went out looking for cherries and apricot jam which we found, as well as the light bulb that Dad broke yesterday while repairing the toilet light. We looked in Kmart and Coles, but they were all sold out. Woolworths had just the right light bulb, so now Dad is happy too. Mum is still anxious about her gingerbread spices. Apparently they were delivered to the Gold Coast depot by mistake and are still on their way to us. As Peter will be in New South Wales for Christmas, visiting his sister-in-law with the family, we can still be late with the spices and Peter won’t know the difference.

I wrapped Mum’s presents while she had her day time nap, so now I am happy. Dad has a new mower, so he only has a small present under the tree. Without really thinking about it we seem to have Christmas covered thanks to lots of garage sales and looking out for presents all through the year. I am really enjoying my holiday and the Christmas season.


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