Thursday Holiday Week 2

Max and I went for a run. Then I used the garden hose and the doggie shampoo and gave him a bath. He was very happy to be so cool and so wet! When he was dry and fluffy later in the day, I combed out some of the fur that he is shedding for Summer. He has a lot of fur.

Mum put up the crib under the Christmas tree. The tree is beautiful and has been up for a week or two. I sent cards to Wendy Ward and Jenny Manton, as they have sent cards to me. I just walked down to the to Post Box. As a big storm with 90 km per hour winds was forecast for around 5pm, I went down early enough to avoid and signs of the storm.

Even though the Bureau of Meteorology warned us of hail and strong winds, the storm petered out by the time it reached us. Some places in Brisbane were badly hit, but we were fortunate this time. There was even some rain up our way, which is very much needed. It cooled us down after another 35 + Celsius day.


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