Friday Holiday Week 2

I was up early and ready for PT this morning. It is a legs day today and Eli had worked out some circuit style exercises including burpees! Oh joy! Although I did not think I could do them, I managed. At the end of the workout I felt good and stretched really well after my cool down on the treadmill.

As it was before 8 am when I left the gym, I went for a breakfast sub at Subway and then parked my car near the train station. I caught the train in to the city and actually did some shopping instead of going to the library. It was not planned, but just happened. I am completely overhauling my work wardrobe and preparing a lot of things for St Vincent de Paul’s Thrift shop. Apparently the Margate store was flooded in the recent storms, so I am not sure whether it is back in operation again.

Instead of staying in town, I went back to the car and took my bag up to work where I collected my desk fan and the water crackers I have with my cup of soup for lunch. I also sent an email to a student who had requested my to send it again for an assignment he is doing.

Everyone was surprised to see me. Danny was in even though he is on holidays as well. It was quiet at work, being the last day before two weeks of holidays for everyone. Public holidays are included in the mix as well.

After that I went home. I found a lot of Christmas presents that I have been buying throughout the year and put them out for wrapping. The gym sent a voucher and an electronic book voucher to download a book. They also sent a voucher for a friend to join the gym and a really lovely card personally signed by lots of people in charge of various parts of the gym. It was very nice to receive a card like that. I was really pleased that they had taken the trouble to do that. It used to be me sending cards to the staff at my various gyms, and now I actually received one. That made a really nice change.


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