Wednesday Second Holiday Week

This morning I was up early and went to PT at Nundah. I just arrived in time for the session and decided to go on to some Christmas shopping while it was still below 30 Celsius, until about 9 am. I also stopped at the Coffee Club for my morning coffee and one to go, as I am a member there.

I found a couple of Christmas presents and headed back home for breakfast. There were a couple of parts to go through for choir and some need lots of practice. Although I have been drinking lots of water during the day, I was still fairly dehydrated for choir practice last night and need to remind myself to keep drinking from my water bottle.

In the afternoon I went Christmas shopping with Mum. There are nine children in Peter’s family, with the two foster children included. We had a coffee at Michel’s Patisserie and drew up the Christmas list. Then we walked in the cool air conditioning of the shopping centre for a while and kept on to Aldi’s where we found some really great presents for the children. It’s not easy to sort the present shopping while standing in the aisles at Aldi’s but we manage to cover it quite well.

When we arrived home, Matthew was on the phone and told us he is going with the family to New South Wales where his Aunt’s family live. For his birthday he will be camping on Fraser Island.


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