Tuesday Holiday Week Two

As I missed a PT session last week, today I went in early to make it up. My usual parking spot wasn’t open, so I went around the corner to park at the footpath. Eli was there with his PB2, some kind of peanut butter low-calorie thing he adds to his protein shake in the mornings. I had my Nudie bottle with water in it. It was mainly a legs day today.

After training I went to the “King of Cakes” for some of the heavy rye bread they make. I also had a mug of coffee and a turnover with a sweet cheese filling while I sat and read “The Australian” newspaper. It would have been good to go into town to the library, but instead I headed home again. Driving against the traffic was a lot easier than my normal morning run in to work coming the other way.

I filled the car’s tank with petrol and before long was back at home. It was an unusual day, with choir practice scheduled for this evening at Mary Queen of Peace church. Normally it is at Holy Cross Church. Therese sent me the slides for Sunday so I prepared those in the morning and sent them back to her, Father John, Leanne in the office and Father Isidore. She checked them and sent back her approval.

It was soon lunch time, so I made Mum and me an open faced sandwich on the rye bread I bought, with a small salad. The topping was a boiled egg with some salt and pepper, and some chopped up sage, basil and parsley. My salad had lettuce, half a tomato and some onion with olive oil, salt and pepper.

In the afternoon I discovered retired General Stanley A. McChrystal’s views on sharing information to overcome knowledge silos and promote military intelligence. It made a lot of sense all of a sudden, as I had heard about the hostage situation at the Lindt Café on Martin Place in Sydney. The radio said that Lindt in New York and other places was being monitored and there was a simultaneous operation in the US and Australia during the whole event. The way it was handled seemed to be a text book application of McChrystal’s approach to building culture and sharing information.

Apparently Snowden and Assange were ahead of their times….


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