Monday Chill Day

As I had a busy weekend with my Sports Medicine training course, my day today was a lot quieter than usual. Max and I went for our morning run. Even he was not as bouncy as usual, although just about every dog in the neighbourhood must have convinced their owners to take them out at that time. He is such a trend setter, not to mention a very loud doggie talker as I prepare his lead and pooper scooper bags.

It was a lovely morning. Mum decided to go shopping just before lunch time. We wandered through Woollies three times, looked everywhere for lard to make her Pfefferkuchen and had coffee at the Coffee Club, as I am a member there. While waiting for our coffee I called Blue Water Square and the Woollies there. I also found out the Allowrie has been taken over by another group and that Coles has not started to stock the new company’s products yet. IGA does, though, so we went to the Clontarf outlet and found just enough for the Christmas biscuits.

Mum was really happy about that. After we went to Aldi’s and took our groceries home she discovered that the spices Tante Inge had sent from Germany had disappeared. We strongly suspect that Dad threw them out with the newspapers. Mum was very upset about that until I found the Gewurzhaus in Melbourne and ordered two bottles of their ginger bread spice. We still have the rising agent which is called Hirschhornsalz but is not made from deer antlers nowadays.

After all that, Mum only had the pizza oven to worry about as Dad is testing out a bench top pizza maker that he bought at a garage sale. It makes a crispy pizza, but we had no spices on it and it was mainly Hawaiian style with some pieces of pineapple, cheese and a tomato base.

I did some research during the day, although I was trying to rest. My email address has changed to for some reason. I’ve given up wondering about all that stuff and just go with the flow, nose to the grindstone, and try to get 8+ hours sleep a day.


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