Sunday at UQ

The last day of the Sports Medicine course was today. I would have liked to leave home earlier, but left just in time at around 6:40 am. That got me to St Leo’s at 7:45 am and I was the first in the room just after John Thomas, who was bringing up his stretchers for the afternoon session. I wore my Australia Gridiron Officials Association (AGOA) club shirt which we are meant to wear to and from games if we are not wearing our uniform.

Sports Medicine trainer work started to make more sense today. We had taping and a lot more hands-on work with stretchers and the like, today. I had lunch at the College which was a really decent meal with fruit for desert. There was optional ice cream and mocha, but I did not have time to fit any more in.

Then there was the sit-down exam. It all goes to Gary Johnston to check. After a couple of weeks they send out the forms and membership cards. It was a lot of information and a reasonable amount of testing with lots of support. Although I finished quite early, I sat there while the others were working on their tests. When the others started to leave, so did I.

It was a great course and it was a pity we did not go out together or catch up more.






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