Saturday at St Leo’s

Max barked at about 4 am this morning but I was not springing out of bed at that hour and enjoyed a “sleep-in experience” of half an hour or so before I did leap out of bed. It is the day of my Sports Medicine Trainer update and I have to be at St Leo’s College at St Lucia by 8 am. Our trainer is John Thomas, who has twenty years or more of experience in various aspects of Sports Medicine. He wears a hearing aide, and is full of great stories and teachable moments.

Wearing a club shirt was definitely the way to be noticed. We had Andrew from the Brisbane Lions strength and conditioning department, TAFE trainers, a few from Kingscliffe in New South Wales, some from Warwick, the Gold Coast, James Cook University Physiotherapy and Griffith University Physiotherapy first year students. The group is very diverse and all ages from the 17 year old rugby player to the Mums with adult children. We met in the college library upstairs near reception. A group of special needs children with their carers were there. In the morning there was some kind of mass with priests in the common room.

At the University of Queensland itself there were graduation ceremonies. Graduands in gowns were walking around with their families far away up the hill. The colleges were quiet with construction of a new wing at the Women’s College, where I used to be a Resident Tutor.

There was a lot of information for one day. At lunch time I received an email from Father John asking Alex and me to send the slides for Father Isi for 5pm and 9 am Sunday masses. I had to open the power point presentation, save it to documents and attach it to a new email so that it arrived in tie for Father Isi to update for his Homily and other themes of the day.

The afternoon went quickly and finished around 3:30 pm. I was home in plenty of time and sent my slides again to Kate, Mark and Louis in case they needed to be uploaded to the computer.


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