Friday with Celebrations

This morning my phone made some noises and Mum asked what they were. I mentioned that it was my phone but did not check it. The noise was actually a message from Eli saying he did not have his car as someone had taken it without checking with him first. I did not check the messages at all. I did see the message though, when I arrived at the gym. The work Christmas party is at 12 noon and I did not want to drive home and back again, so I went to the gym. That is the first time that I have worked out on my own since joining the gym.

I had a good workout which was a mix of interval training on the bike and rower with some upper body work and some light lower body work. Then I went in to the library to research in the shelves. Just after 11 am I went for a walk towards the Stamford and made a detour through the city for a look around. The Angus and Robertson bookshop no longer had a section on computers, at least none that I could find. I kept going and eventually went to the Stamford Brasserie where there was a line-up of people from another business all greeting each other. More were lined up outside the door.

Just on noon the Brasserie opened and several groups of people went through to the outside eating area. My colleagues arrived. Although I am on holiday and it is a Friday casual dress day, not everyone was in casual. I wore low sandals, black pants and a city dressing blouse.

We thoroughly enjoyed a buffet with wonderful, fresh food, lots of salad and seasonal fruit. There was a lot of variety, lots of choice and it was delightful. Everyone had plenty to eat. There were drinks, people to bring water and around the corner were deserts as well. Then Mel invited us to walk along the river to take a group photo and go to the Jade Buddha afterwards for tea and drinks. I had Earl Grey tea and most of the others had something to drink.

Then I caught the train home and prepared the slides for Sunday which had arrived during the day. They were finished just after 8 pm when I sent them on.


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