Reflections on a work-oriented design project

Here I am, on a Thursday of my holidays, in the world of cut and paste. The title for this blog came from such a place. It fits in with the thesis I am tidying up over my holidays. This morning Max and I went for our walk in brilliant early morning sunshine. I gave him his cold hose-down bath afterwards and he was very contented.

Work-oriented thesis writing is a difficult project on which to labour. It has taken me months of finding the best way to organise my study and essential activities, including family things like helping out and catching up with relatives. Today as I started to retrieve my initial submitted examined thesis, the magpies were singing beautifully for quite a while outside the window of my room. It is unusual for them to be on that side of the house and for them to sing for such a long time.

I contacted Ann-Maree Graham, the liaison librarian and Susan Gasson, manager of the student research centre. Ann-Maree sent a link for the current documents. Susan replied to my request to continue on to thesis submission. She said she will ask Examinations and get back to me by close of business tomorrow. That gives me time to enjoy the office Christmas party, no matter what the outcome of Susan’s enquiries.

There I was, searching for the current name of my school and current staff in the area. I found thesis topics and the details of a newly appointed professor who was trained in Poland but worked in Victoria and Wollongong as an academic before coming to QUT. This was exceedingly helpful as it provided some current theoretical areas which support my thesis approach at a very high level.

It is very surprising that my research topic has opened up a very wide area of understanding for me. I just need to be sure that relevant other people will give the all clear.


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