Wednesday with Workout

This morning Max was amazed and dismayed to see me trot out to the car with my gym bag and dressed in my gym clothes. Dad had to take him for a walk as my plan is to go to PT in the mornings and then in to the library in the city. My drive in to Nundah was very relaxed as I was planning instead of thinking about a million random things. I was early enough for a warm up and Eli was back to his normal routine as well . We had a killer legs day. Ouch! Can’t wait for the delayed on set muscle soreness and I am planning a herbal body wrap.

After gym I went for breakfast at Subway and walked around the shopping centre for a while until I found a coffee shop. I had a coffee and drove to find a parking spot. The train driver always makes a noise with the train horn, so I thought it was a good time to jump on a city train and make my way to the library. Next time I am taking elastoplasts for my heels, though as my great sandals are still rubbing a bit at the heel

It did not take long to arrive at Central Station and I made my way to the library. It was very quiet there with hardly any students. I used my USB, searched in the database, started a tutorial in IBM SPSS, emailed my supervisor, started some notes and drew up a KPI table for my research. After a while I needed to move around, so I found a couple of recent journals in the Periodicals section and read about Electrical Engineering training in a Brazilian university, looked at another from Serbia and found out about how to check computer programs. Mainly I was looking for examples of technical writing, which I can now recognise.

At home I was just in time for Jim and Kit’s visit and also to catch a webinar about the new legislation about restitution in workplace bullying situations. That is my second webinar this week. I sent an email to my students to let them know that I am on annual leave. Two of them replied and a few others have been emailing me about other things, so now everyone is up to date.

I wondered how Craig went in Kingaroy and will have to catch up on Friday at the work Christmas Party.


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