Monday on Holidays

Today is the first week day of my holidays. I was up at 4:15 am to have my coffee and oats in a separate cup. Then I did some research online and found some great articles and papers that gave me a lot to think about. The plan is to peruse those at the end of my day.

Max is happy because the weather was overcast and we went for a cool walk to the beach and down Rock Street, his favourite street. This time I made sure we walked down the hill slowly so that he was not overheated. I washed him down with the hose water and this time he did shake it off. Then I gave him a nice drink of milk made from skim milk powder, which he loves.

Before 8:30 am I managed to clean and tidy most of the house. Later in the day, I tackled the spare room and threw out some things that have been cluttering it up for weeks. I also picked some flowers for the vase in my room and tidied my dressing table. Then I started on my winter woollies and put them out for packing away until next year. There were some more clothes that I ironed and put in the big bag for St Vincent’s.

Although there is still a bit of work to do, my room is looking a lot better, as is the spare room. I have some space on my shelves and am close to sorting out the files that need to be put somewhere else. I have lots of boxes of things, including magazine holders, that need to be relocated as well.

So now it’s time to do some reading and plan the writing and revision of my current research work.


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