Sunday on Holidays

This is now the second day of my holidays. I had already sent the Power Point slides for Mass to Father John and Dianne in the Parish Office. Therese had checked them and found they were OK. Fortunately, Fr Isi or someone had put them on the desktop of the small computer that is used for mass. It was just a matter of putting them up for the Mass.

It was another morning of dashing out the door. In fact, I had taken Max for a run in the morning at around 6 am and already had scones with Mum for breakfast while Dad was out at a garage sale that he saw in the local paper. Max suffered from the heat and was a bit sick, which he does when his coat is building up for the European winter, as he is a German Shepherd. I hosed him with water and he rolled in some dust to cool down.

We know he loves going for a walk because he was talking loudly in a doggy kind of way, and very excited about finally going out for a run. Even when we were out on the footpath he was barking as if to talk to me. He just loves going for walks any time of the day. Dad always takes him out for a walk to the bottom of the street and round the park, but Max knows that he can run a bit more with me.

On Sundays we do try to have a bit of a rest. I put some washing in the machine and it is great weather for drying the clothes, so I often do a few loads and get some gentle exercise hanging them out and folding them later. Then I sometimes plan my week. Having a holiday means that I can write my Christmas card list and sort out the presents that we need to buy. I can decorate the house a bit and help cleaning windows and the like.


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