Saturday Sports First Aid

Although storms were predicted for the CBD, as I travelled in for my sports first aid course it was raining there without any signs of thunder and lightning. I had finished the online theory part of the course at around 6:15 am and needed to print off the certificate to take with me for the trainer to keep in her records. On the way, I found the new overpass on Robinson Road, that goes over the railway line and leads straight up to Aspley. It is brilliant and a great way to travel to that part of town

I took my umbrella to class, but did not need it. There was Triathlon in one room and tomorrow there is Queensland Touch. They must have parked around the corner, as the Sports Medicine First Aid people seemed to have plenty of places to park out the front of Sports House at Milton.

Rob Tyler was our trainer. She works with elite Colts Rugby League and a women’s rugby team. Her day job is with the Queensland Department of Sports and Recreation in Ipswich. A couple of the guys there did the same course with me three years ago and somehow remembered me. One of them works with Rugby League and AFL. It as an interesting day of learning about all the updates in First Aid and CPR.

I was home in plenty of time and there was no sign of storms at all. As I was going to take Max out for an evening walk, Mum had dinner on the stove, so he had to wait until Sunday.


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