Friday Half-Day

The day started off with me being early for gym, which was good. However, I managed to leave my gym shoes and gym towel in the locker as I sailed out the door on my way to collect a Breakfast Sub at Subway. I realised when I was on my way to work and decided to have breakfast first and the go across the road to find my gym shoes.

Half-way through my sub, Andrea arrived, which meant someone was in attendance in our office so I could slip across and find my shoes. Fortunately my belongings were where I had left them, so I happily gathered them up and returned to work.

It was strange having half a day of work just before my holidays. Time flew and before I knew it I was out the door and on my way home. This gave me time to do my Sports First Aid theory online. I needed to pass the quizzes with 100% correct responses. Out of the 13 modules, I finished ten and left the last three for the morning.

I was a bit tired after all the excitement of going on holiday. Only one more day of First Aid and I can leap into my holidays! Yeah!


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