Wednesday at “Room Motels” in Kingaroy

I stayed in Kingaroy on Tuesday night and work in the morning to the start of a beautiful, warm day. As there was time before checkout I had some breakfast including an apple and orange, and went for a half hour walk. There is a huge park and swimming pool a block away from Youngman Road, near the Primary School. It was a pleasant walk and I returned just after 7 am.

As there were slides to prepare for Sunday, I made good progress in sorting them out and had them ready to check later in the day or on Thursday morning. Fortunately, Therese sent them early again so I had lots of time. Also, I was not able to attend choir practice from Kingaroy, giving me more time to work on the slides.

I regretted not having washed my blouse out the night before. However, my blouse was fine as it was and I did not really meet many people for it to make much of a difference. After check out, I drove straight to the office, which is two blocks away. There was a parking spot right near the door.

My day was spent in tidying up and working as best I could from off-campus with my own phone and small laptop. There was a minor urgent matter that I fixed after a lot of work. It was a good thing I had Skype as I could easily ask questions without having to speak or make a phone call. People in the city office responded very quickly.

By mid-afternoon it was time to return home. For most of the journey I was followed at a respectable distance by a big semi-trailer. He only changed direction at the place where I turned off the freeway for the home stretch. The journey was made in good time, as I arrived at 6:20 pm, half an hour later than usual. It was a good day’s work.


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