Tuesday in Gympie and Kingaroy

I woke early at “The Royal” in Gympie for my day of work nearby. It took a while to organize things as I planned to pack my bags for work and for the car and have breakfast in at the office where I had some muffins in the fridge from yesterday. First I took my gym bag and clothing bag to the car which is a couple of blocks away in the general car park. Then I took my work bag up the road to the office.

It was very quiet on the street. I heated my muffin in the microwave, added a bit of butter and had some coffee with it. It was actually a very decent breakfast. Then I scanned my receipts for accommodation and dinner and emailed them to Accounts for reimbursement. Using the remote connection through my own internet modem has worked really well for me on this trip.

Work was busy as I used my own phone to call students and the office. By mid-afternoon it was time to pack up for the 2 hour drive to Kingaroy. Although it is 2.5 hours from Redcliffe, the trip from Gympie takes almost as long. It meant a drive through all the places that I hear about but seldom visit. Some areas were stunningly beautiful and close to Kingaroy the paddocks were clearly well looked after.

I arrived in plenty of time to order dinner, call home and set up my day for tomorrow. “Room Motels” is new this year and very impressive.


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