Monday in Gympie

I left home at my usual time on Monday morning and was in at the Gympie office around 9:30 am. A quick look around the office showed that a couple of things were needed, like bin bags. The Coles up the road had everything I needed, so I picked up a few things and took them down to the office. Before long it was work as usual. At the end of the day I locked up and walked across the road to book in to my room at “The Royal”.

I was in the same room as last time, which is known as Daniel’s room, as he has somehow worked out that this is the best room for our purposes and manages to book it for us when we are working up that way. The pillows in my room were super soft and perfect for a very comfortable night’s sleep. Before that, however, I unpacked a bit and went down to “Rascals” restaurant for crumbed steak, salad and chips. There was a party of Year 12 students celebrating a birthday at the long table. Last time I was there it was some ladies having a social night out.

My packing is not too bad now. I had my gym bag with gym shoes, thongs for the shower, hand towels and my make-up bag and hair gel. Then I had the wheeled bag with my work files, small laptop, office requirements and some fruit for lunch. The other bag had my clothes in one side and some other books, like the hymn book that I need to prepare the slides for Sunday mass.

I was in bed at the usual time and used the air conditioning until very early in the morning when I opened the door that faces the intersection of Monkland and Mary and slept with a fresh breeze for a while.


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