Sunday with some Room

The weekend newspaper arrived on Saturday as I was leaving for work, so I put in it my bag and forgot about it until today. There was also a Sunday paper for us in the driveway. In the morning I changed my sheets, put the towels in the washing machine and ran a load of washing. I prepared for Music Ministry, remembering to take the USB. I had sent the slides on Tuesday, as the songs were sent to me early in the week when I have time to add them to the slides.

We had a video message from the Arch Bishop, so it was a pretty laid back kind time for power point flicking this morning. The Gathering Song and Offertory will be different verses of set songs, so that also makes it easier. I remembered my water bottle as well today and took time to set out the music stands and microphones with space in the middle for any late comers. Len, Louis and Mark were there in the male part of the choir, with Fred and Jean by Therese, the space with a music stand all ready for a visitor, and me in the middle.

Next week it will be Fred and Jean again, so I hope Therese sends the song selection early again.

It was a great day for fruit today, as Peter brought two boxes and some cabbages for sauerkraut when he visited a couple of days ago. We have grapes, plums and apples. Mum loves to have lots of vegetables, especially when she doesn’t have to grow them or go out to find them at the shops. That’s what I like about Spring and Summer. All the different types of fruit that we have are just amazing.


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